Thursday, October 20, 2011


Some of my readers may think that I share a little too much information about my life and the people in my life. And sometimes I think they may be right but, on the other hand, I don't really consider my readers when writing. I find it odd that people actually take time out of their day to read about my thoughts. I write these blogs as a kind of online journal. So that I can look back and remember events and everyday things that I may forget in the future.
I have considered making my blog private, invite only. And sometime in the future I think I will, especially when we have kids. But for now, feel free to read and learn a little too much about me.

***** And a little piece of exciting news...
I recently found out that I am in the Top 100 of reviewers for Seeing as shoedazzle has over 1,500,000 customers thats kind of a big deal!

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