Saturday, October 29, 2011

Trunk or Treat

Wednesday was our wards Trunk or treat. For those of you who don't know what that is...We do it every year at our church. People decorate he trunk of heir cars. The kids dress up in their costumes and go trunk to trunk for candy. We also have a dinner and usually a cupcake walk. This year the did a "spooky ally" and nixed the cupcake walk and just had them out for anyone.
I had no clue what to be this year. Last year I was bacon and Audra was an egg. And for a lot of years prior, I went as a mafi gangster. I wanted something different. I asked the kids in my primary class what they thought. One told me I should be a princess, another said a witch. I went with a princess.
My prom dress had beaded spagghetti straps so I needed to add sleeves. I am not a big seemstress. I can sew on a button and make a pillow, but beyond this was a stretch but I think it turned out ok. There are a million layers on the dress so I cut off a few inches from the bottom of the most inner layer to use for the sleeves. No one would see the cut off part and it was a guarenteed match for the rest of the dress.
I sat and sewed on the couch while watching Dancing with the Stars. The cat was veryinterested. He kept trying to swat the fabic. I had to keep pushing him away. Then he sat as close to me as possible, his head on my leg and on the very edge of the cushion, almost falling off. He wouldn't keep his eyes off the thread. When I would raise the needle, his head would go up. It was funny.
Pat's mom came out and asked what I was doing. After telling her, she asked where I got the extra fabric. I told her and she said "Its a shame you are ruining that perfectly good dress" But a few people told me that they thought the sleeves were part of the original dress, so I think I got away with it
I brought my camera but never took any pics...sorry

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