Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving in

This move has been rather stressful! The move itself was rather last minute and crazy! I had done a few trips over the weekend from storage after work. There was no electricity so we could only bring things in during daylight and it has been getting dark early so I couldn't get too much done. We just piled everything up in the kitchen. Then Tuesday night after work, I moved the rest of the stuff in my storage unit with the help from October and my dad. patrick was at his mom's with his friend Kevin packing up the TV computer and the bed. After Dad left, Kevin, Pat and I were left with a mountain of boxes, bags and plastic bins. I was toally overwhelmed. Pat set up the TV computer and Xbox and I started going through boxes. Then we moved the rest of the stuff out of the kitchen and living room into the smallest bedroom so we could just shut the door and not have to look at it all the time.

I wish I had pictures right after we moved everything in. It was nuts! We didn't have enough bins so I quickly dumped a few that were filled with clothes in the middle of th floor in the bedroom. Then I realized I needed to move it so the mattress could go in so I shoved it into the closet. No joke it was a solid 5 by 4 by 3 foot mountain!

Mom came over the next day to help me. I loved having my mom there! She reminded me that my kitchen things are all new and should be washed before putting them away. She did loads and loads and loads of dishes wih no complaint. She was always asking what I needed her to do. It was kind of weird to me. Mom has always been in charge of the kitchen and part of me still wanted to ask her where I should put things and what I should do. The next day, my project was tackle the closet and food shopping. I have been trying to coupon and have been doing good! At ACME, I saved over $95 and only spent around $110!
Here is how the place is as of this moment
Kitchen- Everything is away. I have been making adjustments to the placement of things but I am happy with it.
Dining area- Chairs are at the table, but the table is covered in stuff still and can't really be sat at to eat. The table and chairs need to be refinished but I prolly wont do that until spring. Until then I am using a tablecloth to cover the bad spots. The Dinet cabinet has been put together. I put inside our nicer china and plates, placemats and chargers. I have decorated it with my christmas village and other christmas stuff.
Living Room- TV, computer, xbox and booksheles are all set but we still need to get a sofa. We have been using 2 office chairs.
Hallway- Wedding pics are up!!!! Games and coats are in the closet along with the vaccume and steam mop.
Bathroom- Everything is shoved in the cabinet under the sink and its a total mess with absolutely no organization!
Small bedroom- Closet has Fall/easter decorations. All of Pats stuff and boxes take up half of the room. Random decorations for the living room and my printer and sewing stuff and just random crap is all scattered over the floor
Our bedroom- Almost done!!! Still need the bedroom set, the mattress and boxspring is sitting on the floor.
The guest bedroom- twin bed is up. Christmas decorations are all over the floor. The closet has my overflow of clothes including my church clothes, summer clothes, boots and Pats suits and dress shirts. I am going to get a desk i there for my printer and sewing machine and all my craft stuff.

There is a lot of work to do still but it really is coming together, which I am thrilled about. Patrick said the other night, "This place is starting to feel like a home" which is the best compliment he could ever give! I feel like as a wife my job is to make the house a home and I have been stressed to get everything together! I would take current pics, but I am comfy in bed and about to go to bed...I'll post some tomorrow...if i remember ;)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Confessions Round 25

Its been a long time since I posted some confessions

1. I waited to hang my wedding pictures up til Pat was away at work because he didnt want me to use any nails

2. I feel like I will never catch up on my laundry with this teeny tiny washer and dryer

3. Patrick is much neater then I am. He always does the dishes immediately and always picks up his clothes.

4. I am missing a box with wedding presents and I have no clue where it would be. I know I am missing 3 wooden spoons,4 cutting boards, an iron and a butter dish for sure and I dont know what else

5. I have been having frequent panic attacks and i think its because my apartment is such a mess still from the move

Monday, November 21, 2011


***Warning*** This blog post is PG 13 read at your own risk...don't judge, you are the one taking the time to read this.

So I had the most awkward, embarrasing, oh my goodness thing happened last week. Patrick woke me up Wednesday morning before he went to work to tell me that the gas man would be coming. He told the gas man that he had left a key under the mat because he would most likely come after I went to work. I fell back asleep after he told me. About a hour late I wake the sounds of a man walking around the apartment. The gas man had come super early. Normally I would be happy but not that day. That day I was in bed with my bedroom door wide open, the control panel in pain view of my bedroom door, a strange man was in the apartment...and I was completely naked. Cool.
The night before I couldnt find my PJs because my clothes were split into like 6 boxes so I just said screw it and went to bed in the buff. Hey I am a 21 year old newlywed on my first night in our first apartment.
But now I was in quite a situation. I quickly yanked the covers up to my eyes and pretended to be asleep. When I could tell he was in the kitchen, I wrapped the duvet around me and dashed into the corner and threw on the closet tshirt and sweat pants. When I went out to the living room, the gas guy wouldn't look me in the

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Sorryfor the lack of posting lately. We have been busy with the move. And we just got internet and TV today. We decided to go with Comcast and Pat ordered it Monday. He paid extra for overnight shipping of the install it yourself cable boxes. We didnt get the stuff til Wednesday. Then after we he set it up, we tried to activate it, there was a problem. He called and was transfered to literally 8 different people before being hung up on. After calling back, yelling at a machine and being transfered 3 more times, he got a hold of someone who knew what they were doing. Comcast never came out to set the outside box up and wouldn't be there until Saturday (today). Pat was annoyed no one told him about that when he ordered. Whats the point of rush shipping just for them it sit around for three days and not be able to use them. So we were refunded the shipping. And the guy was also a gamer. Pat and him were talking about Battelfield for a while. Then the guy gave us the fastest speed internet for only $10 extra (usually $50-70 extra) a month and HBO and Starz free.
I am just happy to have internet and TV again...not that i missed much with out them.

Another post about the move and my most embarresing moment ever should come soon...

Friday, November 11, 2011


So we chose an apartment and got approved!!! The lease starts the Tuesday the 15th, but Dave said we could start moving stuff in if we want. I took some before pics. There is no electricity yet and it was getting dark so the lighting is not great

Half of the kitchen

The other half. I love how many cabinets there are! But that closet is kind a useless, the water heater is in there

Standing in the kitchen looking into the dining area

The living room

part of the living room and the hallway

Closet in the hall

Stackable washer and dryer in the other closet in the hallway. Both washer and dryer are super tiny!!! I will have to wash each sheet seperately

The smallest bedroom

The second bedroom. The last bedroom was too dark to take a pic, but it is identical, only like 4 or 5 inches smaller. It has the same size closet too.

The bathroom was really dark and this was taken with the flash on my phone.

I am excited to show some after pics next week :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011


As of now, we have 3 apartments to pick from!
Each one has its pros and cons
Each one is a different price
****Apartment number 1-$1000
-remodeled, everything is new
-no security deposit required
-Patrick knows the landlord
-2 bedrooms
-first floor

- no clue when it will be available
-never seen it, i have no idea what the rooms look like or what is there
-dont know where it is

****Apartment 2-$900
This apartment is above the dry cleaners across from wawa in marmora
-Can walk to work
-cheapest apartment
-two large bedrooms
-washer and dryer
-lots of storage space in laundry room
-in the same building as a good friend from work
-lots of parking

-shady looking stairs (not ok with my stilettos)
-small kitchen
-no dishwasher
-has to go through real estate agent
-no AC
-older apt

****Apartment three-$1100
This apartment is above a buisness on Harrys court in marmora

-three large bedrooms
-Large kitchen tons of cabinets-room for dining set
-washer and dryer
-2 reserved parking places
-Landord is very easy going and knows Patrick
-Completely renovated, new appliances and carpet
-large living room
-central air
-really nice nighborhood
-Can move in as early as the 15th

-Priciest of the three
-not a lot of storage space (but we do have two extra bedrooms)

November...picking is slim

Last month I got four pairs of heels and a bag from shoedazzle. And a pair of boots that I ended up sending back. That was the most I've gotten in one month. I was excited for November's selections but there hasn't been any "I need those in my life!" shoes this month. And I have 2 credits...two shoes/bags or sets of jewelry I can get for free and nothing interesting!!!

Here are the ones I have thought about...but I think I will hold off til December
Akari- her flap folds up so it can turn into an Over-the-Knee boot

Nicolette- I like the bow

Collins-I really like the quilted look..but i'd rather have a quilted purse then a quilted shoe

Lana-This is probably my favorite!

Lievy- I usually don't like chunky heels, but this is kinda cute. And I have been really into Blush colored things lately and the bow adds a nice touch

Talitha- This shoe is HUGE! 6 and a half inches!!! I like it! And Ihave been wanting a nice wedge..but the snakeskin print, while very popular this season, doesn't really work with my wardrobe

Maxella- they have it in a blueish silver too. Its very similar to a Temptress, a shoe I sent back in September. The problem with temptress was that lint would catch too easily in the glitter...I have a feeling this is will have the same problem
Shoedazzle makes great shoes, but everyonce in a while they have an off month and make some ugly or extremely over the top ones...

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ABC's of me

A} Age – 21

{B} Bed size – Queen

{C} Chores you hate – Dishes! its the worst!!!

{D} Dogs – I want a little one soooooooo bad

{E} Essential start to your day – Cherry Coke

{F} Favorite color – Deep purple

{G} Gold or silver – white gold :)

{H} Height – About 5’8”

{I} Instruments you play – Used to play the Clarinet

{J} Job title – Shift Supervisor at CVS

{K} Kids – In the future...I want 3

{L} Live – Jersey!

{M} Mother’s name – Susan

{N} Nickname – Kell-be

{O} Overnight hospital stays – when I was two...I don't remember much

{P} Pet Peeves – crooked pictures on walls

{Q} Quote from a film – "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head anyway she wants" - My big fat greek wedding

{R} Right or left handed – Right

{S} Siblings – Older bro, older sis and two lil bros

{T} Time you wake up – As late as my schedule allows that day, but usually no later then 10

{U} Underwear- Pink with white polka dots :)

{V} Vegetable you hate- Onions! raw, cooked, fried, carmalized (spelling???)

{W} What makes you run late- Mornings haha

{X} X-rays you’ve had- and an arm but never any broken bones

{Y} Yummy food you make- What can't I make? haha jk

{Z} Zoo animal –Red panda
I was bored tonight and found some of my favorite Youtube videos...these always make me laugh

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

round 24

1. I slammed my elbow at work crazy hard and it still hurts really to when something just lightly touches it. I am prepared a monster bruise tomorrow
2. I am slowly turning into the boring married person who goes to bed at l0pm

3.I have a million split ends right now
4. I have started to notice that in the majority of Disney movies (with the exception of the Incredibles)..there is never both parents...think about it
the little mermaid- no mom
beauty and the beast- no mom
lion king- dad dies
cinderella- no parents but stepmom
snow white- no mom, stepmom tries to kill her
aladin-no mom
finding nemo- no mom
5. I am due to be an Aunt on May 22, 2012...Audra's preggo


I have a car again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One of the things about Patrick is that he is one of the most stubborn person I have ever met. There is no way to make him do something that he doen't want to do before he wants to do it. And there is also no way to stop him when he puts his mind to something. So I was happy to discover that Saturday night, he wanted to go car shopping. His buddy had done some research and had a list of cars to visit. I was surprised to see that every car on his list was a ford taurus. My old car was a gold 2003 Ford Taurus, but Pat was always very vocal about his hatred of Fords. He had a big list of specific things he wanted in the car. He wanted it to be either a honda or toyota. He wanted it to either be manual transmission, or less then 100,000 miles or had the transmission replaced.
But he was fine with me getting an automatic ford with 101,000 miles on it. I had my own concerns about the car. I really wanted something either just as nice or even an upgrade. But after a month of looking, everything in our price range was a downgrade from what I had. But I soon got to the pint that I would take anything! I just wanted a car!
But I was thrilled with what we found. It is a Black 2002 Ford Taurus SES with tan leather interior. It is a year older then my older one but its a little nicer. And it has almost exactly the same milage as my old one. And I love that it is so similar. I dont have to adjust that much. And the best part is the price $2,800!!!
The guy who sold it is a used car dealer but alway keeps a car on hand at his house to sell. This car was a repo so it was a great deal and is in great condition. There are a few minor things that need tweeking. The seatbelt sensor is off so that it dings for a few minutes every so often regardsless of whether or not you have your seatbelt on. And the front passenger side door doesn't unlock automatically. But Pat says they are quick fixes
Here are some pics of the old car after the autopsy

And this is a couple pics of the new car

Friday, November 4, 2011


Next week migt be a wonderful yet expensive week for me and my little family of two. There is a good possibility that we will be getting a car for me and an apartment. I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up in case neither work out, but it is so hard. I am so excited!!!
Back in May or June, we were guarenteed an apartment by a friend of Pat who owns a lot of homes and apartments and leases them out. He had just bought a duplex and was going to fix it up. He told us we could have one of the apartments when it was ready. All I knew was that it would be two bedrooms, have a basement and a garage and wouldn't be ready until late fall. Come wedding day, I knew nothing more. Come last week I still knew nothing more. I was getting soooooo tired of waiting for this place. People would ask me all these questions and i had 0 answers. All i knew was what i just stated. I didn't even know the guy's name or where the place was, just that it was in marmora.
Then I found out that an apartment opened up in the same building as a really good friend from work named October. Patrick actually lived in the exact apartment that October and her husband live in when he first moved out to NJ. The apartment that opened up is just like that one but flipped around. It is two bedrooms, has a laundry room with washer and dryer a living room and kitchen. Its not huge but it is the perfect size for us. And it has two bedrooms which we wanted, one for us and one for him to play his games in. It is also in walking distance to both of our jobs, the post office, wawa, the grocery store and my fav chinese restaurant...can it get any better? Yes its available NOW and is $100 cheaper then the other place!!!
Mom and I went to see the place today and get an application. Patrick happens to know the owners and talked to the owners son about us getting the place. I cant wait for us to have a place of our own. I can't wait to get everything out of storage. I cant wait to really start a my wifely duties. I can't wait to make a life and home for us. And I am thrilled that October would just be two doors down. She is honestly one of my favorite peoplein the world and it will be fun to get to hang out together while our husbands are busy.
I promise to post whether or not we actually get the apartment. Please cross your fingers and say a prayer for us :)

On to the car...this I am really not getting my hopes up for. I have looked at so many cars and never had one work out. I got really excited last week and was 95% sure i was going to get this amazing car at an amazing deal. I got my hopes up way high and was beyond bummed to find out the car was sold. Patrick has aranged a car shopping trip in Vineland with our friend Brian. I am not getting my hopes up this time. I want a car soooo bad but I have been able to get by ok without one for this long and if we get this apt, I can walk to work. I am going to trust my husband. He knows cars way better then I do. He can spot a good deal from a "too good to be true aka tere is something wrong with this car" deal. He has been waiting and looking for the right car at the right price for our family. He is way more patient then me and I am hoping his patience and my trust turns out to be a blessing for us.
Again...cross your fingers and say a prayer

By the way...I would love to hear your opinions or thoughts on the things that I write. Please feel free to leave a comment, either here on my blog or even on my facebook page where I put up the link :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Confessions round 23

One more week gone by
Here are some more confessions for ya
1. Last month my blog had 740 views, wow thanks guys, I had no clue I was that interesting...or that I have a major stalker
2. I love grocery shopping! Sometimes I think abot getting a part time job at shoprite for their online shopping department and go grocery shopping for people that make their orders online
3. Before we were married, Pat would do laundy once a week. I would do laundy about every two weeks. But now that we are married I end up doing laundy every other did that happen?
4. I love desperate housewives and am so sad that this is the last season :(
5. I am glad people have started decorating for christmas. Its my fav holiday!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November!!!!

I had a busy halloween. Patrick and I ran errands all morning. Then we went to my moms house for trick or treating. Pat only stayed an hour. The diabetes has affected his eyes so that he sees double vision all the time. During the day, he has taught himself to ignore it. ut at night with all the lights, its really hard for him to see so he tries not to drive after dark. Halloween with all the kids in the streets is a night it is most important to see where you are going so he left before dark.
Grandma came over too. Every year she comes to my parents and passes out the candy to all the trick o treaters. This year it was too hard for her hold the bowl so she would just open the screen door while either my mom or myself held out the candy bowl. She had the front door open and a chair sitting right in front of it. She would watch the street and yell out "they're coming" or "hurry, we have customers" really loud when ever she would see trick-o-treaters. She would get so excited. And getting up and down has been the most excercise she has gotten in a year. She was so funny.
We watched this halloween light show as in between "customers"

The same house has a few different songs that they do. I told Pat e should do this for our place next year. I got no responce...haha
I also have a lot of ideas of what I want to be for halloween next year. Lucy for I Love Lucy, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Where's Waldo or Jessica Rabbit
I also know what I would want my son to dress as for his first halloween...a gnome
and for his second ewok
How stinking CUTE!!!!!

Happy Halloween :)

On other news...I know I am goin to get made fun of for this but...I made a new Facebook...strictly for shoedazzlers. Let me explain. If you link your shoedazzle to facebook, you can see the showrooms of all your facebook friends that have shoedazzle too. Which means seeing more shoes. I wanted to friend the people who regularly visit the Shoedazzle facebook page so that I can see their showrooms. But because I dont know them personally, I didn't want to friend them on my person facebook, so I made a new one specifically for this reason