Wednesday, November 9, 2011

ABC's of me

A} Age – 21

{B} Bed size – Queen

{C} Chores you hate – Dishes! its the worst!!!

{D} Dogs – I want a little one soooooooo bad

{E} Essential start to your day – Cherry Coke

{F} Favorite color – Deep purple

{G} Gold or silver – white gold :)

{H} Height – About 5’8”

{I} Instruments you play – Used to play the Clarinet

{J} Job title – Shift Supervisor at CVS

{K} Kids – In the future...I want 3

{L} Live – Jersey!

{M} Mother’s name – Susan

{N} Nickname – Kell-be

{O} Overnight hospital stays – when I was two...I don't remember much

{P} Pet Peeves – crooked pictures on walls

{Q} Quote from a film – "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck. And she can turn the head anyway she wants" - My big fat greek wedding

{R} Right or left handed – Right

{S} Siblings – Older bro, older sis and two lil bros

{T} Time you wake up – As late as my schedule allows that day, but usually no later then 10

{U} Underwear- Pink with white polka dots :)

{V} Vegetable you hate- Onions! raw, cooked, fried, carmalized (spelling???)

{W} What makes you run late- Mornings haha

{X} X-rays you’ve had- and an arm but never any broken bones

{Y} Yummy food you make- What can't I make? haha jk

{Z} Zoo animal –Red panda

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