Friday, November 11, 2011


So we chose an apartment and got approved!!! The lease starts the Tuesday the 15th, but Dave said we could start moving stuff in if we want. I took some before pics. There is no electricity yet and it was getting dark so the lighting is not great

Half of the kitchen

The other half. I love how many cabinets there are! But that closet is kind a useless, the water heater is in there

Standing in the kitchen looking into the dining area

The living room

part of the living room and the hallway

Closet in the hall

Stackable washer and dryer in the other closet in the hallway. Both washer and dryer are super tiny!!! I will have to wash each sheet seperately

The smallest bedroom

The second bedroom. The last bedroom was too dark to take a pic, but it is identical, only like 4 or 5 inches smaller. It has the same size closet too.

The bathroom was really dark and this was taken with the flash on my phone.

I am excited to show some after pics next week :)

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