Thursday, November 10, 2011


As of now, we have 3 apartments to pick from!
Each one has its pros and cons
Each one is a different price
****Apartment number 1-$1000
-remodeled, everything is new
-no security deposit required
-Patrick knows the landlord
-2 bedrooms
-first floor

- no clue when it will be available
-never seen it, i have no idea what the rooms look like or what is there
-dont know where it is

****Apartment 2-$900
This apartment is above the dry cleaners across from wawa in marmora
-Can walk to work
-cheapest apartment
-two large bedrooms
-washer and dryer
-lots of storage space in laundry room
-in the same building as a good friend from work
-lots of parking

-shady looking stairs (not ok with my stilettos)
-small kitchen
-no dishwasher
-has to go through real estate agent
-no AC
-older apt

****Apartment three-$1100
This apartment is above a buisness on Harrys court in marmora

-three large bedrooms
-Large kitchen tons of cabinets-room for dining set
-washer and dryer
-2 reserved parking places
-Landord is very easy going and knows Patrick
-Completely renovated, new appliances and carpet
-large living room
-central air
-really nice nighborhood
-Can move in as early as the 15th

-Priciest of the three
-not a lot of storage space (but we do have two extra bedrooms)

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