Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving in

This move has been rather stressful! The move itself was rather last minute and crazy! I had done a few trips over the weekend from storage after work. There was no electricity so we could only bring things in during daylight and it has been getting dark early so I couldn't get too much done. We just piled everything up in the kitchen. Then Tuesday night after work, I moved the rest of the stuff in my storage unit with the help from October and my dad. patrick was at his mom's with his friend Kevin packing up the TV computer and the bed. After Dad left, Kevin, Pat and I were left with a mountain of boxes, bags and plastic bins. I was toally overwhelmed. Pat set up the TV computer and Xbox and I started going through boxes. Then we moved the rest of the stuff out of the kitchen and living room into the smallest bedroom so we could just shut the door and not have to look at it all the time.

I wish I had pictures right after we moved everything in. It was nuts! We didn't have enough bins so I quickly dumped a few that were filled with clothes in the middle of th floor in the bedroom. Then I realized I needed to move it so the mattress could go in so I shoved it into the closet. No joke it was a solid 5 by 4 by 3 foot mountain!

Mom came over the next day to help me. I loved having my mom there! She reminded me that my kitchen things are all new and should be washed before putting them away. She did loads and loads and loads of dishes wih no complaint. She was always asking what I needed her to do. It was kind of weird to me. Mom has always been in charge of the kitchen and part of me still wanted to ask her where I should put things and what I should do. The next day, my project was tackle the closet and food shopping. I have been trying to coupon and have been doing good! At ACME, I saved over $95 and only spent around $110!
Here is how the place is as of this moment
Kitchen- Everything is away. I have been making adjustments to the placement of things but I am happy with it.
Dining area- Chairs are at the table, but the table is covered in stuff still and can't really be sat at to eat. The table and chairs need to be refinished but I prolly wont do that until spring. Until then I am using a tablecloth to cover the bad spots. The Dinet cabinet has been put together. I put inside our nicer china and plates, placemats and chargers. I have decorated it with my christmas village and other christmas stuff.
Living Room- TV, computer, xbox and booksheles are all set but we still need to get a sofa. We have been using 2 office chairs.
Hallway- Wedding pics are up!!!! Games and coats are in the closet along with the vaccume and steam mop.
Bathroom- Everything is shoved in the cabinet under the sink and its a total mess with absolutely no organization!
Small bedroom- Closet has Fall/easter decorations. All of Pats stuff and boxes take up half of the room. Random decorations for the living room and my printer and sewing stuff and just random crap is all scattered over the floor
Our bedroom- Almost done!!! Still need the bedroom set, the mattress and boxspring is sitting on the floor.
The guest bedroom- twin bed is up. Christmas decorations are all over the floor. The closet has my overflow of clothes including my church clothes, summer clothes, boots and Pats suits and dress shirts. I am going to get a desk i there for my printer and sewing machine and all my craft stuff.

There is a lot of work to do still but it really is coming together, which I am thrilled about. Patrick said the other night, "This place is starting to feel like a home" which is the best compliment he could ever give! I feel like as a wife my job is to make the house a home and I have been stressed to get everything together! I would take current pics, but I am comfy in bed and about to go to bed...I'll post some tomorrow...if i remember ;)

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