Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy November!!!!

I had a busy halloween. Patrick and I ran errands all morning. Then we went to my moms house for trick or treating. Pat only stayed an hour. The diabetes has affected his eyes so that he sees double vision all the time. During the day, he has taught himself to ignore it. ut at night with all the lights, its really hard for him to see so he tries not to drive after dark. Halloween with all the kids in the streets is a night it is most important to see where you are going so he left before dark.
Grandma came over too. Every year she comes to my parents and passes out the candy to all the trick o treaters. This year it was too hard for her hold the bowl so she would just open the screen door while either my mom or myself held out the candy bowl. She had the front door open and a chair sitting right in front of it. She would watch the street and yell out "they're coming" or "hurry, we have customers" really loud when ever she would see trick-o-treaters. She would get so excited. And getting up and down has been the most excercise she has gotten in a year. She was so funny.
We watched this halloween light show as in between "customers"

The same house has a few different songs that they do. I told Pat e should do this for our place next year. I got no responce...haha
I also have a lot of ideas of what I want to be for halloween next year. Lucy for I Love Lucy, Daphne from Scooby Doo, Where's Waldo or Jessica Rabbit
I also know what I would want my son to dress as for his first halloween...a gnome
and for his second halloween...an ewok
How stinking CUTE!!!!!

Happy Halloween :)

On other news...I know I am goin to get made fun of for this but...I made a new Facebook...strictly for shoedazzlers. Let me explain. If you link your shoedazzle to facebook, you can see the showrooms of all your facebook friends that have shoedazzle too. Which means seeing more shoes. I wanted to friend the people who regularly visit the Shoedazzle facebook page so that I can see their showrooms. But because I dont know them personally, I didn't want to friend them on my person facebook, so I made a new one specifically for this reason

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