Thursday, November 10, 2011

November...picking is slim

Last month I got four pairs of heels and a bag from shoedazzle. And a pair of boots that I ended up sending back. That was the most I've gotten in one month. I was excited for November's selections but there hasn't been any "I need those in my life!" shoes this month. And I have 2 credits...two shoes/bags or sets of jewelry I can get for free and nothing interesting!!!

Here are the ones I have thought about...but I think I will hold off til December
Akari- her flap folds up so it can turn into an Over-the-Knee boot

Nicolette- I like the bow

Collins-I really like the quilted look..but i'd rather have a quilted purse then a quilted shoe

Lana-This is probably my favorite!

Lievy- I usually don't like chunky heels, but this is kinda cute. And I have been really into Blush colored things lately and the bow adds a nice touch

Talitha- This shoe is HUGE! 6 and a half inches!!! I like it! And Ihave been wanting a nice wedge..but the snakeskin print, while very popular this season, doesn't really work with my wardrobe

Maxella- they have it in a blueish silver too. Its very similar to a Temptress, a shoe I sent back in September. The problem with temptress was that lint would catch too easily in the glitter...I have a feeling this is will have the same problem
Shoedazzle makes great shoes, but everyonce in a while they have an off month and make some ugly or extremely over the top ones...

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