Tuesday, November 8, 2011

round 24

1. I slammed my elbow at work crazy hard and it still hurts really to when something just lightly touches it. I am prepared a monster bruise tomorrow
2. I am slowly turning into the boring married person who goes to bed at l0pm

3.I have a million split ends right now
4. I have started to notice that in the majority of Disney movies (with the exception of the Incredibles)..there is never both parents...think about it
the little mermaid- no mom
beauty and the beast- no mom
lion king- dad dies
cinderella- no parents but stepmom
snow white- no mom, stepmom tries to kill her
aladin-no mom
finding nemo- no mom
5. I am due to be an Aunt on May 22, 2012...Audra's preggo

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