Wednesday, December 14, 2011

As promised

I finally took pics of the place as it is now. Warning there was no cleaning before I took these dont judge me

The kitchen-I went a little crazy and put a red bow on every knob. Pat thinks they are dumb, but I think they are festive :)

Dining room area- just out of the frame are a bunch of shoes and empty boxes

Living room- Sorry the first pic was so dark
We have our tree up. Pat found a fake tree with lights on it as he was going through his storage which i was happy about. And still no couch. It is coming though one of these days

Hallway- Wedding pics are up. One day I hope this wall is full of pics of friends and family and babies but for now its just wedding pics

The guest room- I moved all of Pats stuff back into the guest room so I could take over the other room after I got a desk. It is all shoved in the corner. The closet in there is full of boxes and decorations.

My "office"- This room was supposed to be Pats game room, but then he decided to take over the living room instead. So I made it a storage room. But then I decided to take it over. I put a desk in there for my computer and printer. sewing machine and craft stuff. My church clothes and all my boots are in the closet. I have a huge mirror in there and all my makeup, jewelry and hair stuff. I also have a little stockpile from couponing.

Last but not least, and for sure the messiest, is our bedroom
This is his side of the bed and my dresser

My side is considerably more messy!!! Its bad I know

We dont make our bed very often. If I am working in the AM, I leave before he wakes up, so I dont make the bed and niether does he. If I close or have off, I try to make it, but I watch TV or go on the computer a lot in bed so sometimes I dont bothering making it

I really love my closet!!! It is the only thing that is really organized!

So that is that for the apartment pics :) Now that its mostly done, I want to have my family over for a nice dinner (I don't have enough chairs though, so Paul will have to sit on the ottoman), Then have a lunch or something for friends. ButI really need a sofa first!!

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