Friday, December 16, 2011


Its amazing how quickly getting married and getting an apartment empties your bank account! We are trying really hard to save money. Well I am trying really hard, it comes easy for Pat. And there have been some surprise bills.
I knew we would need to pay rent, gas, electric, cell phone, car insurance, internet and TV. And I knew we needed a security deposit for the apartment. But I had no clue we would need to pay a security deposit for gas and electric! And apparently it is not a flat rate. It depends on a lot of factors. The fact that we live in a upper class neighborhood and that the previous renter didnt pay their bills, our deposit is a lot higher then usual. So on top of usage and fees to turn it on, we have to pay $150 extra for three months for electric. UGH!
Then my stupid car's starter decides to stop working on thanksgiving so that was another $170 for the part and I am lucky Pat knows about cars and installed it.
So naturally, no shoedazzle for awhile. I do have one credit left but thats it for a few months. I am going to be really picky about that last pair of shoes. They need to be perfect! But there have been some ups to.
Last month I wrote a blog post about my annoyance with Comcast. Someone from comcast read my post and left a comment saying he was sorry about my experience and wanted to know more and asked me to email him. I thought, what the heck, and emailed him all about the problems we had. I left him Pats phone number if they wanted to know more. The next day, Pat calls from work saying comcast called him and said they were sorry for the inconveniences we had and that they would like to give us a credit towards our next months bill.
I thought it would $20 because that is the ammount they say on their commercial that they credit to your account if they are late to your appointment.
Well that bill came today. I handed it to Patrick without opening it and went into our bedroom. I hear him say "holy crap, you did good!"
"How good?" He hands me the bill. Ammount due $3.08!!!!! We were credited $116!!!! YAY!!!!
Comcast, if you are reading this...THANK YOU!!! You made my day! :) You think the gas company would give me a credit if I told them the man let himself in to the place while i was naked in bed?

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