Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I feel old. As a kid, my christmas list was always full of toys or clothes or electronics for me. I never understood why my mom would always say something for the house whenever I asked what she wanted for her birthday or for christmas. But now that is totally me. This is what I would love to get for christmas

-Trash cans
I have a big trash can for thekitchen and a little one that is either in the bedroom or bathroom depending on what time of the month it is. I would love to have two more small trash cans so that I can have one in the bathroom, bedroom and office

-Paper towel holder
I never thought I would want one of these, but I have no where to really put paper towels. The roll looks a little ghetto just laying on the counter

-Dish drying rack
I have a mat to dry dishes on, but it would be nice to have a rack so that my dishes could lean on smething and not just lay flat. I think they would dry faster that way

-Drying rack for clothes
My dryer is teeny tiny and doesnt dry a lot or very well. I'd like to save the electrity and heat and just use a drying rack sometimes

-A tan microdry bath mat for the kitchen
Bed Bath and Beyond has these great microdry bath mats and I have one for outside the shower and a contour one for arond the toilet. But I would love to get the larger on to put by the sink in the kitchen. I am in there quite often and it would be nice to have a soft comfy mat to stand on while cooking and cleaning ect.

The bedrooms dont have lights. They have ceiling fans that dont have lights so we need lamps to light the rooms.

-Wildfire season 4
This one would be just for me. It is one of my all time favorite shows! I have the first three seasons on DVD and have been waiting years for the last season to come out and they just announced its release. It can be preordered on Amazon

-A meat tenderizer
I realized I dont have one of these when I was cookng some chicken one night

A fancy clock
I dont know why, but i have always wanted a big oversized clock

this next one would be fun for the kitchen, it would match my giant fork decoration perfectly

And a shoedazzle gift card would always be nice...haha

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