Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audra's Visit

My sister Audra is in town for a few days this weekend. She is pregnant and came for a baby shower. She arrived Thursday afternoon and we had a family dinner. It was nice to get everyone together and chat.
Yesterday, Mom, Audra and I all went shopping. It has been a relly long time since we went shopping together and it was a lot of fun! The main goal was to get Audra some maternity clothes. Let me tell is SLIM pickings!!!! I am glad I am not preggos and have no clue what I will do when that day comes. Most stores put their maternity stuff next to their baby clothes. So while Audra was in the dressing room, mom and I would browse the baby boy clothes. We got some great deals at Macy's I spotted some super cute sweater vests for only $2.49!We saved over $75 and spent only $15 and got three vests, two shirts and courderoy (how the heck do you spell that?) pants! When we wer going to check out, mom said, "I think the Aunt should get something too" I said, "Alright I will pay for a vest" thinking she meant I should get something for the baby. But she meant I should get something for myself. And she knew exactly what she wanted to buy ugg shoes.
She was disgusted by mine. I have had them forever and wear them to work everyday. I wore them that day because it was raining and I didn't want to wear my good shoes. I told her they were too expensive but she really wanted to get them so I wasn't going to argue. I will never refuse a good pair of shoes!
Here are pics of my new shoes next to the old ones...

Hard to believe the are the exact same shoe. What can I say? I wear them a lot! I am still going to keep them and wear them on truck day at work. But I promised mom that she will never see me wear them again haha

I got some other things too. A new work out outfit, I find it easier to work out if I have a cute outfit. And I got some great new boots too!!! I love them so much! i saw a pair just like them on shoedazzle months ago, but never pulled the trigger. By the time I was ready, my size was sold out :( These are just like them! Originally $99.99 and I got them for $39.99! only 4 cents more then shoedazzle so I dont feel bad! What do you think of them?
Mom tried them on too but decided onsomthing else. I wanted a pair of black boots, somewhat casual and low to the ground and these are perfect!

I got a pair of Seven jeans on sale for $20 too! Crazy! I couldn't resist! They are sooooo comfy! They feel like those crazy Pajama Jeans! And its amazing how much skinnier my legs look! The only bad thing is they turned my hand blue
My cheap jeans never did that! But after a washing they are fine.

When we got home we had dinner and played Dominion with the little boys. I won :)

Time to get ready for the baby shower. I'll post about that sometime soon:)

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