Monday, January 2, 2012


A few weeks after we were married, as I was getting ready for bed, I picked up my glasses from the window sill and the left lens popped out. My frames were really old and just broke apart. Mom said she would buy me a new pair, but I kept putting it off and just used my contacts.
Then the week before christmas, I was up late working on some paperwork for Primary for the new year because I am the Secretary of our ward's Primary. I was getting tired so I shut the computer down and went to take a shower before bed. When I passed the mirror, I noticed that my eye was blood red. I thought it was because I was tired. The next morning, my eye was still red, but not as bad. As the day went on, it got redder and redder. Then it started to hurt. It was more sensitive to light and felt very straigned. It looked really gross too. It stayed red for a few days and I was really wishing I had glasses to wear and give my eyes a break from the contacts. Finally I called the eye doctor and they fit me in the next day.
I waited for a good hour in the waiting room out front and then waited even longer in awaiting room in the back. The doctor put in numbing drops and my mouth was slightly opened and a little bit dripped down my cheek into my mouth and my lips and tougue went totally numb. I felt like I was at the dentists.
After the numbing and dialating drops, he sent me back to the waiting rom to wait some more. So I went to look at frames. I didn't have my contacts in so I was kind of blind and my pupils were starting to dialate. Not exactly the best time to pick glasses.
It turns out my eyes have changed quite a bit and I have a new script glasses and new frames. And they were able to fix my old pair at no charge so I have a good back up pair. And apparently I have astigmatism. The doctor gave me a pair of contact lens to test out. They have my new perscription and have been giving me a headache. They are also a lot harder to get out at night, they stick to my eye. I like my old ones better.
And the reddness was caused by my oil glads around the eyes. The doctor told me to wash around my eyes with baby shampoo daily. And when it is really bad, to put a hot wet washcloth over the eyes for ten minutes 3 times a day. I think the real source of the problem is the fact that I am too lazy about washing my makeup off at night.
The new glasses

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