Friday, January 13, 2012

Workin on my fitness

I have been doing well with my resolutions this year! I am surprised. I have tried to concentrate on just one or two at a time, starting with my fitness.

I have been working out a lot more then I ever had. I hate excercising. I have no desire to ever work out. I hate the gym. I feel like I need to be in really good shape to go to the gym. So I have been trying to work out at home. I had a work out DVD called "FIT in Your Jeans by Friday." I did it one afternoon while I was home alone. It focused on abs and upper body. It was a whole lot harder then I thought!!! I only did half of each set. And the next day I was beyond sore. My abs hurt so bad! It felt like I broke a rib cause I couldn't move with out pain. Knowing how good a work out the one video was, I ordered the other two.

The second is a cardio step video. I had to rewind about 100 times. They didn't explain the next move before ding it and they moved soooo fast. But it was fun and got my heartrate up for sure. I just got the last one today. This one has the same trainer as the first and focuses on the lower body. I haven't tried it out yet.

What surprises me the most is how self motivated I have been. I actally want to exercise for the first time. The videos are fun and I know they are working me out. I read somewhere that it takes 4 weeks before you notice changes in your body, 8 weeks before your friends notice, and 12 weeks before the rest of the world notices. I have noticed a few changes already though. I go to bed a lot earlier. I have more energy during the day. I feel more cnfident. And the negatives are that I am sore all the time and my back is starting to break out. Ugh. I am lucky to have naturaly good skin. I hardly ever break out and I dont need to use any special products to keep it that way. But since I started working out nightly. My back is starting to break out. I think its cause I am sweating more then I ever do. I always wear a tank top while exercising and shower right away but I am still breaking out. Any tips?

I have decided that I am not going to weigh myself. I am not doing this to lose weight. I am doing it to get healthy and feel better about myself. As long as I like what I see when I look in the mirror, who cares what a scale says!

I have also been drinking a lot more water and slowly cutting out soda. The first few days, I was getting headaches soooo bad. I didn't think I could really do it. But I didnt quit. I still drink soda, but not nearly as much as before. My next goal health wise is to try to eat healthier. I am limiting myself to chinese food once a week. I think the reason I always give up on these diets is because I try to cut out every unhealthy thing right away. But I can't work that way. I am learning its everything in moderation! I still can have my chinese, just not everyday!

Good night all :)

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