Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Fever

My biological clock has started. And its all my sister's fault! :) When she was in town all we did or talked abot was babies. We went shopping for maternity and baby clothes. We had a baby shower. Babies Babies Babies! And I found myself thinking about what maternity clothes I would want. How would I decorate a nursery. What names would I choose? How would I want my baby showeer? Thinking all things baby!
Part of me feels like it is the next step. When we were dating, I thought about getting engaged. When we were engaged, I was thinking about getting married. When we were married, I thought about getting our own place. Now that we have an apartment, I am thinking babies. For each of these life steps, I have had to wait longer then I wanted to but for good reasons. And this step is no different.
One of the things I love and hate about Patrick is that he is sooooo realistic. I am a dreamer and he brings me back to Earth. He calmly explains that there are other things we need to get in order before having a baby. He wants to make sure we are ready and that we do it te right way.
It is a huge responsability. And kids never really go away. They are always on your life. And we want to be ready, physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially. We need to get Pat in shape. Being a diabetic without health insurance for so long he needs some work. He needs surgery on his eye.
It will be a few years before we have a baby. But I am excited and look forward to the day it actually happens!

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