Friday, February 10, 2012


I love dreaming. I have always had the wierdest dreams! They are always so entertaining except for when they are scary. When I was in high school, I often thought that I should start a dream journal and write all my dreams in there. Later I could probably use those to write a few childrens books or something.
Last night I had two odd dreams. In the first one, I was at work and President Obama and Michelle came to my CVS. They were going on vacation in Ocean City and wanted to get their pictures printed. President Obama kept coming behind the counter to use our machine and I kept telling him that he needed to use the kiosk. Then a whole bunch of people came in and were trying to get his autograph and I had to keep people away.
No clue where that came from. I didn't read or watch anything about Obama or the presidencial race before bed.
In my next dream, Patrick and I were living in a really old scary house. There were three bedrooms. I had to go to work early in the morning, so I left the room we were staying in and went to another to get ready. The other room had 5 foot dolls in victorian style dresses lining the room. Everytime I left the room and came back, there were more dolls. Then they started falling on me. I woke Pat up and told him to call our realtor and ask for another house.
When I left for work, my friend Jaimie Stagg was there and we were going to walk together. Out of nowhere, something invisible came and knocked us over and threw our stuff everywhere. She used her cell phone and i had a flashlight to try to gather all of our things. Through the whole dream, I was never scared but as we were looking for our things I noticed one of my high heels were missing and I started freaking out and crying.
So obviously my dream self has her priorities straight hahaha

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