Friday, February 24, 2012

Round 31

These confessions aren't ever really confessions, they are more like random thoughts

1. I have to reread my previous confessions because I always forget what I have already said

2. I am hiding two kinds of cookies from my diabetic husband per his request. This way I can monitor his eating and I still get to eat some

3. I want to find some thrift store and buy a cheep dining set or dressor or bed frame. All my furniture is antiques borrowed from Patrick's family and friends, so I cant do anything with them. Because they are so old and used they are all sratched up and I would love to paint them but they aren't really mine

4. The most exciting part of my week was coming home to see that the bedroom blinds have been replaced! This is the first night since moving in that we could close the blinds and have real privacy!!!

5. The inside of my toilet bowl gets dusty. So weird! I have never seen that before. The weird part is that the rest of the bathroom isn't dusty. I guess the water catches it? Does that happen to anyone else? I guess Pat and I need to get in the habit of closing the lid

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