Saturday, March 31, 2012

Cola Chicken

Whats for dinner tonight? Cola Chicken
This is a recipe of my mom. I don't remember where she got it. It sounds super strange/gross but it is soooo good and super easy!

-4 Chicken Breasts
-1 Cup of Ketchup
-8oz of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi

-Lightly brown the chicken
-Pour soda and ketchup over chicken
-Bring to a boil
-Turn down heat and cover, cook for 30-45 minutes
-Uncover and turn up heat until sauce thickens

The sauce doesn't taste like ketchup. It is more like a sweet barbque sauce. I usually serve it with mashed or baked potatoes and green beans. Pat won't eat it because he doesn't really eat chicken and I made the mistake of telling him whats in it before he ate it. Wait until after your family/guests tell you how much they like it, before disclosing that info. Its funny to see the reactions

Enjoy :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today's Throwback Thursday Memory involves many memories in one...reading Harry Potter with my mom.
We started this family tradition with the very first Harry Potter book. It started with mom reading to everyone but as time went on, certain family members were too young to care and others were too impatient to go at a rate on a chapter a night, so the read on their own. Every night, mom Audra and I would sit on moms bed and mom would read a chapter or two to us. Later, when he was older, Will joined us. Audra and I would fight over who would get to sit next to mom. In between chapters we would eat tootsie rolls. We called them 'energy'. To this day, I can't eat a tootsie roll without thinking of Harry Potter.
One night we were reading the first book. We were at the part where the troll was let in at halloween and Harry, Ron and Hermione were fghting it. It was really intense and we were really into it. Paul barged in to say goodnight. Mom jumped and hit him in the face on accident and gave him a bloody nose.
We were in Boston or Baltimore when the third book was released. We went from bookstore to bookstore til we found it.
One night, mom and I were reading the second to last book. We got to the part where Dumbledore and Harry were in the cave searching for the Horcrux. Dumbledore drank the stuff in the basin and was in bad shape. We just couldn't stop reading until we knew Dumbledore was ok. But it just kept getting worse until he died. We finished the book that night. We were up until 2am reading and bawling our eyes out in the living room.
Reading with my mother was and is one of my fondest memories. I hope that when I am a mother, I will find a book series that I can read nightly with my children

Friday, March 23, 2012

Round 33

1. 80% of the time, I plug a UPC in upside down

2. I don't answer my phone unless the number is saved on my phone

3. I often feel guilty for being tall and wearing heels. When people joke about how tall I am, I feel bad. But I still love my shoes and want to wear them

4. I keep a headband in my car during the summer cause I can't stand hair tickling my face when the windows are down.

5. There was a big spider in the bathroom yesterday morning. I don't kill spiders. I quickly left the spider in the bathroom. I looked in before going to workand it was in the same spot. When I got home, I asked Pat if he killed it. His responce was what spider? It wasn't anywhere in the bathroom. Now it is somewhere in the house and I am cautious everywhere I go

Thursday, March 22, 2012


Happy Throwback Thursday! I almost forgot, it doesn't feel like a Thursday to me

My grandmother had a boxer named Tuffy. She had a big cage in her kitchen for him, but I don't remember him ever being in the cage. I, on the other hand, would play in the cage all the time! I used to pretend I was a dog. We had this red cereal bowl that I thought looked like a dog bowl. I would often want that bowl and get grape-nuts cereal because it looked like dog food...I was a strange child

Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Antonia

Last month's book club book was My Antonia picked by Julie Penrod. I am sorry to say that once again, I have not finished the book, but for different reason then last time. Last time the book was so long an intimdating and was hard to understand the begining. This book however was the opposite. It was a unintimidating 200 pages, but had no story, no plot, no climax.
I would literaly fall asleep every time I tried to read it. Patrick had to wake me up one night while I was "reading" because the timer for dinner was going off. It wasn't a bad book. I just thought it was boring. I think it is a book for people who like to search deep for meaning and symbolism, and for people who like landscape and farming. But people who like adventure and love and stories and mystery and "I just can't put it down because I need to know what happens next" kind of books, pass on this one! haha
For this next month, I picked the book, Tennis Shoes among the Nephites, by Chris Heimerdinger. It is the first of a series that I love. I may have slightly broke the rules by picking a book I have already read, but I want to pick a book that I love and that I am 80% sure that the others will like it too.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


This week's Throwback Thursday story is from almost four years ago and sorry there is no picture. But readers discretion is advised, especially for males.
Patrick and I had just started dating. We went to the mall with two of his buddies. Afer walkng around a little, we went to dinner at Applebees. I was wearing a cute dress I had just got and it was the first time I wore it out. After dinner, I ran to the ladies room to discover that I had gotten my period...all over the back of my dress. I had no clue what to do.
There was no way I could hide it. Here I am out with a guy I like and two of his friends I barely know. But I do know that they are merciless teasers. So I just stayed in the bathroom for a good 10 minutes, mortified. I knew I couldn't just stay in the bathroom for the rest of the night. I had to face them.
When I left the bathroom, Pat was waiting by the door worried. He asked if I was ok. In response, I took a deep breath and just turned around. He was so sweet about it. He told me to hold my purse behind my back and walked directly behind me to block people's view. When we met up with the other guys, Pat told them I needed to stop at store and they stayed at the car talking while I ran in to Joyce Leslie to get a whole new outfit. Since I had been wearing a dress, I needed both pants and a shirt.
I am a slow shopper. It takes me a while to find something I like and turns out I was in the store for a good 45 min at least. But Pat never said a word. And no one said anything about me coming out of the store wearing a cmpletely different outfit.
I loved the way he handled the situation. To this day, I don't know if his friends ever had a clue. Pat has never brought it up to me to try to tease, embarrass or make fun. This is just one of the many times that I have sat back and thought, wow I really do have a great guy. Most guys I know get very squeamish and grossed out when it comes to "womanly issues." ButPat was sweet and sensitive about it
Boy, do I love that man

Round 32

Its been a while since I did some confessions

1. In the past week, I have watched all 48, hour long episodes of Pretty Little Liars and am now anxiously awaiting A Day on Monday...also known as the season finale where we find out who A is

2. My book club meeting is tonight and I have only read half the book

3. I saw a clip of a show talking about how most women are wearing the wrong bra size, so I tried to figure out what my real bra sze is. I tried three different sites and came up with three very different answers... 36A, 34C and 34DD/34E...seriously confused now

4. Last Saturday, Pat and I hit the 6 month mark of marriage.

5. I make an awesome diaper motorcycle for baby showers :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012


Throwback Thursday!

One of my favorite memories growing up was baking cookies with my mom. I was always the one to get out the ingredients and stir. Sometimes a brother or Audra would join. We would always fight over who got the bowl and spoon after. Before all the dough was on cookie trays, mom would get a kitchen spoon for each kid and fill it with cookie dough regardless of whether or not they helped.
To this day, I still love baking cookies, except now I always get the bowl, and the spoon and the cookies. It will be nice to have my own little girl to share the bowl with one day :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday

I have been thinking about starting a weekly Throwback Thursday post for awhile now. Last year, I took upon myself the project of going through family photos and scanning my baby pictures onto cds so that I could have a copy of them. Each week, I will show a picture, tell a story, share a memory. Some might be from a a year ago, some from my childhood. And today is the first! I thought a lot about what memory I wold post first and thought that my very first memory would be perfect.

I was two years old. I was in Cooper Hospital. I remember having to drag around my IV pole everywhere I went. I didn't like it. There was a play house, but I couldn't go in because the IV pole didn't fit. That is all I remember about this major event in my life. The rest of the story has been filled in by my parents.

My family had gone out, to a park or to mini golfing or something, and I got a bloody nose out of no where. When we came home, I was put down for a nap. When mom came to get me, I was soaked in blood, from another bloody nose I assume. She started a bath to clean me up. When she took my clothes off, she noticed bruises and little purple dots all over me. Worried, she called my doctor who told her to take me to the hospital. They didn't know what was wrong and sent me to Cooper Hospital.
The doctors thought I might have Lukemia. My platelet (it is spelled right even though it looks wrong haha) count was extremely low and my blood wasn't clotting correctly. Lots of tests were done including a bone marrow aspiration. Doctors were stumped. They hadn't a clue what was wrong. My church had a special fast for me and the stae president came and gave me a blessing in which he "rebuked" the disease. Afterwhich, all symptoms went away.
Later on, we discovered what the disease was...Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura also known as ITP.
Below are some other pictures from my hospital stay

hmm what throwback should I share next week...maybe my first crush...