Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today's Throwback Thursday Memory involves many memories in one...reading Harry Potter with my mom.
We started this family tradition with the very first Harry Potter book. It started with mom reading to everyone but as time went on, certain family members were too young to care and others were too impatient to go at a rate on a chapter a night, so the read on their own. Every night, mom Audra and I would sit on moms bed and mom would read a chapter or two to us. Later, when he was older, Will joined us. Audra and I would fight over who would get to sit next to mom. In between chapters we would eat tootsie rolls. We called them 'energy'. To this day, I can't eat a tootsie roll without thinking of Harry Potter.
One night we were reading the first book. We were at the part where the troll was let in at halloween and Harry, Ron and Hermione were fghting it. It was really intense and we were really into it. Paul barged in to say goodnight. Mom jumped and hit him in the face on accident and gave him a bloody nose.
We were in Boston or Baltimore when the third book was released. We went from bookstore to bookstore til we found it.
One night, mom and I were reading the second to last book. We got to the part where Dumbledore and Harry were in the cave searching for the Horcrux. Dumbledore drank the stuff in the basin and was in bad shape. We just couldn't stop reading until we knew Dumbledore was ok. But it just kept getting worse until he died. We finished the book that night. We were up until 2am reading and bawling our eyes out in the living room.
Reading with my mother was and is one of my fondest memories. I hope that when I am a mother, I will find a book series that I can read nightly with my children

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