Thursday, March 1, 2012

Throwback Thursday

I have been thinking about starting a weekly Throwback Thursday post for awhile now. Last year, I took upon myself the project of going through family photos and scanning my baby pictures onto cds so that I could have a copy of them. Each week, I will show a picture, tell a story, share a memory. Some might be from a a year ago, some from my childhood. And today is the first! I thought a lot about what memory I wold post first and thought that my very first memory would be perfect.

I was two years old. I was in Cooper Hospital. I remember having to drag around my IV pole everywhere I went. I didn't like it. There was a play house, but I couldn't go in because the IV pole didn't fit. That is all I remember about this major event in my life. The rest of the story has been filled in by my parents.

My family had gone out, to a park or to mini golfing or something, and I got a bloody nose out of no where. When we came home, I was put down for a nap. When mom came to get me, I was soaked in blood, from another bloody nose I assume. She started a bath to clean me up. When she took my clothes off, she noticed bruises and little purple dots all over me. Worried, she called my doctor who told her to take me to the hospital. They didn't know what was wrong and sent me to Cooper Hospital.
The doctors thought I might have Lukemia. My platelet (it is spelled right even though it looks wrong haha) count was extremely low and my blood wasn't clotting correctly. Lots of tests were done including a bone marrow aspiration. Doctors were stumped. They hadn't a clue what was wrong. My church had a special fast for me and the stae president came and gave me a blessing in which he "rebuked" the disease. Afterwhich, all symptoms went away.
Later on, we discovered what the disease was...Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura also known as ITP.
Below are some other pictures from my hospital stay

hmm what throwback should I share next week...maybe my first crush...

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