Monday, April 2, 2012

AC Rodeo

Friday night, Dad, Will, Paul and I went to the rodeo in Atlantic City. It was a lot of fun! There were a few cowboys from Utah that did crazy well!! The NJ ones kinda stunk...
My cowboy boots :)
The boys
During the steer roping (when the cowboy lasos a steer and then ties the legs up), a little girl behind us cried to her dad, "Daddy why did you bring me here? This is so sad" During the steer wrestling (when the coboy jumps off his running horse and tackles a steer to the ground) only one person actually did it. Will and I were getting bored; Dad even fell asleep. We were watching the steers waiting in the makeshift pen. One was a little rambuncious. The cowboy standing in the pen had to jump out cause it kept trying to ram him. Then it started attacking the fence and almost broke through. We were excited when it was that steer's turn. It ran for a second and just stopped and the cowboy just kept running. Smart little guy!

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