Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Birthday weekend

Friday, I turned 22 years old. Every year, I seem to have unrealistic expectations when it comes to my birthday. This year I decided to no expectations. All I really wanted was a card from Pat and dinner with my family. Thats all I wanted and needed and I got soooo much more!!! A friend of mine, Becky, brought her kids to work and dropped off some cupcakes for me on Wednesday. Her son Bradley made me some colorful eggs. Pat ate them before I thought to take a pic, but they were cute!
Some friends from church, Jen and Lori, invited me to a birthday brunch on Thursday. We went to The Breakfast Spot. Its a tiny place on the bay in Somers Point. I had never been before but it was great! I know that I am young and I don't have any kids but I am glad that they include me in their circle and dont think of me as the annoying little girl that hangs around. They had bought me a little gift. When pulled it out, I put it on the table thinking it was a two piece bunny.
I looked back in the bag for the head in all the tissue paper but there was nothing else in there. Confused, I asked, "um, does it have a head?" I picked it up and realized that I was looking at it totally wrong. I felt really dumb
They also gave me a gift card with which I bought a pillow for the couch and the cutest salt and pepper shaker
Friday, my actual birthday, I worked in the morning. My boss' husband and son called to tell me happy birthday. Pat's mom stopped in to see me an drop off a card too. After work and running some errands, I sat down on the bed and with in minutes I was asleep. Audra called and woke me up thankfully! Normally when I nap, I set an alarm but I didn't intend on napping. We had a good chat! I love my sister and am excited to go out to idaho. We had Voltaco's subs for dinner at my Mom's. Voltacos is a tiny italian place in Ocean City. Its take out only and their cheese steaks are the BEST!!!! Mom made a pound cake for me. After dinner, mom, Will, Paul and I took a nice walk around the neighborhood. It has been so long since I went on a family walk. I've missed it. Saturday night, I went out with a girlfriend for High School, Abby. We went to Famous Daves cause I had a buy one get one free coupon. It was great to catch up with her and hear how she is doing. During dinner, I started to tell her how I was kinda annoyed with Pat. All I had asked for from him was a card and he had totally ignored it. I was feeling hurt. And of course when I got home that night, Pat had a card waiting for me on my pillow. The little punk didn't forget but he wanted me to think he did, the little bugger. On Sunday, the primary kids sang to me :) And the presidency gave me a nice picture frame and flowers.
Monday, my boss made me a cake. I didn't think to take a picture before digging in. Overall I must say, this has been one of my All Time Best Birthdays!!!! Iam so greatful to have such wonderful friends and family!!!

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