Saturday, April 14, 2012


Wednesnday, the family and I headed up to Lancaster. I had planned to wake up at 5:30am but I was just so dang tired! Pat and his goofy self kept me up til 2am the night before. I totally shut off my alarm in my sleep. I woke up and thought, "wow its light out really early this morning" then i was like "Oh shoot its light out!" It was 6:38, I was supposed to be at my parents at 6:30, cool. Luckily, I made the family only 15 minutes behind schedule. Our first stop was Herrs. I always love that tour! We saw the pretzels, tortilla chips and potato chips being made. We saw them being package and part of the warehouse. And the best part...we got to eat fresh chips right off the conveyer belt, still hot! Yum!! The tour is free and I suggest it to anyone and everyone. While we were there, we learned that Mr. Herr had just passed away the week before. He had pneumonia and it was expected, but still sad
Next stop was Lititz for the Wilbur chocolate factory. They dont do tours or anything, but mom is obsessed with thier stuff. Its really the only chocolate she uses for baking. She bought a 10 pound bar while we were there. After Wilbur we hit up Shady Maple Smorgasboard. In my opinion it is hands sown the BEST buffet in the world! Our family will always go out of our way to eat there. The last stop and the reason for the trip was Living Waters Theater to see Jonah. Living Waters is a theater that puts on very elaborate plays about different bible stories. We have seen several of their plays and loved them. Jonah is thier newest and is only featured for one season. I was curious as to how they were going to show the whale. They did a great job. The sets and costumes are always amazing. Will and I we close to getting hit in the head by the whale!
Will and I outside the theater, Those are my dad's hands
The ceiling inside Overall it was a great day trip. My favorite part was being able to spend quality time with the family

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