Monday, April 30, 2012

Pat confessions round 1

I am running out of confessions so this time I'll tell you some things about Pat

1. He won't leave the house unless his hair is washed.
2. He hates tomatoes
3. He loves scrapple but will only eat it if it is the brand Habbersett
4. He will drop everything to go help a friend in need
5. He is sooooo weird about fabrics. He hates things that are too soft. Today, I was sittng on the couch. One one side there was about 12 inches of space and on the other that couch was covered by a throw blanket we have. He choose to squeeze into the 12 inches rather then touch the blanket to move it because it is too soft.

Hopefully he won't get mad at me for sharing this, you'll know if I take it down in a few days

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