Tuesday, May 15, 2012

New Computer

I have been wanting a new computer for a while now but have put it off because it was a want not a need. My computer has been super annoying for awhile. My keys don't all register. Just read a few of my blogs that I forgot to reread and you will see a bunch of missing letters. My CD/DVD drive broke over a year ago. It just spits out any cd I put in there immediately without trying to read it. I have an external DVD drive so I can watch movies ect. The button on my mouse pad is shot. And the right hidge has been slowing coming apart for over a year. Each of these things are annoying but I have been able to ignore them and dealt with it
Well the time has come that I may need to finally get a new computer. My hindge has jst about had it. All that is holdng my screen and computer together is a few wires

I really dont think it is going to last much longer so its time to start saving for a new computer. But I have no clue what I want, Desktop vs Laptop, Mac vs windows...

Desktop Pros
-Pat can fix
-Pat can build relatively cheap

-Stuck in one room

Laptop Pros
-Can take it anywhere, plane, kitchen, bed, livingroom...

-Pat can't easily fix problems
-more expensive

Windows Pros
-Pat can fix
-I know how to work them

-breaks often

Mac Pros
-Doesn't break often
-looks nice

-never used one
-Pat doesn't use or know how to fix

What do you guys think? Any opinions?

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