Saturday, June 9, 2012

Frustrations and Packing

Blogger changed their look a little while ago. It took me awhile to get used to it. In the last few weeks, I have had nothing but problems with blogger! Everytime I would try to do anything, I would get an error code. SO Annoying!!! I went to their blogger help forum and saw a couple of other people were having similar problems. They told how to switch back to the old format and so far no more errors! Hopefully this lasts! I really should get back to packing for my trip. I leave 5am tomorrow morning. I have my suitcase packed but I feel like I am missing something important. It was way too easy, everything fit no problem and I am no where near the weight limit...something must be missing right? And my carry on is pretty much done too. My sister is giving me a laptop she doesn't use so I am not bringing mine with me so that I don't have to bring two home with me. And I really don't think that the hindge on mine would last the trip anyway. I think that is what is throwing me off. My bag is so empty. I am scared that I will get bored on the plane without having something to watch. Luckily I have a few books on tape loaded onto my iphone! I am excited about this trip. It will be a nice break from my everyday life. It will be great to hang out with my sister and best of all I get to hold and play witha little baby. Pat on the other hand is not psyched about me leaving me for a week. I had to go to the store to stock up on scrabble, frozen pizzas and ramen noodles for him. I try to tell him that this will actually work out well for him. He can take over the bed and sleep as spread out as he wants (although he does that anyway), he can go to bed and wake up whenever he wants. And after spending a week with a newborn that doesn't sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and pees all over, I might stop bugging him about having a baby. haha, key word MIGHT. I really should get going to bed...Next post will include baby pics! See ya in a week!

Car Talk

While perusing EOnline to see if they had any articles on Matthew McConaughey's wedding that was supposedly happening today, I came across this article instead, Car Talk Hosts to Retire From NPR.

That took me back. I remember as little kid, Dad would stay after church and count money. Some Sundays I would stay with him and we would go to the bank to drop off the deposit. On the car rides we would always listen to Car Talk. I am not a car person, especially not while I was a little kid. I prolly moaned and groaned a lot when we listen but looking back, they were good memories. I remember we would listen to another show but I don't know what it was called? It was a guy who would tell these stories about Lake Wobegon. Have you guys ever listened to Car Talk? or anything on NPR?

Friday, June 1, 2012

Jolly June

Its that time again! New shoedazzle showroom. There are once again lots that I like! Here we go

Castle- I am really into multi colored shoes. They are great for summer and can go with muliple outfits because of the many colors

Krysdyn- This one I am seriously thinking about getting. They are yellow and fun. And the wedge is different and I love that it has an ankle strap! They have it in red too. I don't have a red shoe and I really want one. Maybe I should get the red instead of yellow...

Jeni- The other red shoe I like

Alyson- I can't say it enough, every girl needs a good nude colored heel. This is a great option. The bow is cute

Esti- Animal print is always a win! If you don't want to go all out, an animal print shoe is a great way to do the trend in a non-in-your-face way. This also has a metal heel which is a new trend that I like but am on the fence about actually getting. It is difficult to meld the two materials in a way that is solid and stable. Heels like this break easily and can be dangerous. A cast on your foot is not very fashion forward

Valantina- Orange has been one of my favorite colors for a long time but orange tops look funny on my because of my hair. These would be good though

Believe it or not, shoedazzle is much more than shoes. Here are some non-shoe items that I am digging this month

Bags. I tend to lean towards large tote style bags. I am trying to widen my horizons and trying different kinds of bags.

Calico- this is a cute and large clutch

Lander- Another large clutch. This has a rocker tone to it

Holts- yes, I do have to include a great classic large tote that I love oh so much

Jewelry. I don't often look at shoedazzle's jewelry. It comes in sets and you can just pick and choose pieces. I don't have peirced ears so Idon'thave a need for earings and most sets include earings. It just seems like a waste to spend money on a set that I can't wear all of it. I am also not a huge jewelry wearer. Rings and bracelets start to bug me after awhile if they are too big. And I just never think to switch out my necklaces. I would much rather spend $40 on shoes or a bag I would use all the time then a set of jewelry that would sit in a drawer. That being said, if i had to pick a jewelry set this month this is it...

Stepping Stones- A necklace and cocktail ring. Both statement pieces

Clothes. Shoedazzle is starting to come out with different clothing lines. They have bathing suits, cover ups, dresses, lingerie, and work out clothes. Many of their dresses are tiny and tight but some are really cute



For Memorial Day, Shoedazzle had a buy one get one free sale on some old styles. I couldn't resist and got these two...


They should be here in about two weeks...shipping has slowed since they switched from UPS to Fedex/USPS. But I am excited!!!!

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