Saturday, June 9, 2012

Car Talk

While perusing EOnline to see if they had any articles on Matthew McConaughey's wedding that was supposedly happening today, I came across this article instead, Car Talk Hosts to Retire From NPR.

That took me back. I remember as little kid, Dad would stay after church and count money. Some Sundays I would stay with him and we would go to the bank to drop off the deposit. On the car rides we would always listen to Car Talk. I am not a car person, especially not while I was a little kid. I prolly moaned and groaned a lot when we listen but looking back, they were good memories. I remember we would listen to another show but I don't know what it was called? It was a guy who would tell these stories about Lake Wobegon. Have you guys ever listened to Car Talk? or anything on NPR?

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