Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facial hair

Friday after helping my mom at grandma's house, we met up with Will and Paul to do a little shopping. On the way home we had this gem of a conversation

Will: How do you grow a beard?
Me: Um, stop shaving
Will: Then I won't be clean shaven
Me: Um, Duh thats the point
Paul: I am going to grow a beard
Will: No you won't. You're asian. Asian's can't grow beards
Paul: Yes they can
Will: No, you will grow crazy long eyebrows but you can't grow a beard
*Mom and I are dying laughing*
me: I have never seen an asian with long eyebrows
Paul: Mr. Miyagi had a beard
Will: yea but he was chinese, you're asian
Paul: Racist

I love my crazy family!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Round 40

Its been awhile since I did some confessions. And after reading a book called Can you keep a secret? about a girl who spills her guts and tells every detail of her life to a stranger on a plane who later turns out to be the founder of the big company she works for, I have been wanting to do a round of confessions

1. I bought my car in November, since then I have been driving with no license plate in front, and no inspection sticker. I finally got pulled over for it Friday. Patrick put on my license plate Saturday

2. I tend to do a keegle when I get into tense situations when driving. Like if someone cuts in front of me and I have to slam on the brakes

3. I only painted three toenails on each foot, the only ones visible while wearing my peep toe heels

4. I am currently doing a secret shop and feel bad that I am not giving them a high score

5. Ever since I visited Audra in Idaho and we got McDonald's for breakfast, I have craved McDonalds everyday

Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July has been a great month for shoedazzle! There are sooooo many shoes I want its kind of ridiculous! They have had a buy one get one free sale for a while. There are only certain styles that are part of the sale. I bought these two on the first few days of the sale.
Darling-I had been admiring these for awhile and I couldn't pass them up when they were on sale

Encore Sporty Spice- Not everything is pictured above. It includes a purple razor back tank, a black tank with black lace on the sides, Black yoga pants with a flowery border at the top and a black cardigan with an all black lace back. Great deal!!! And each piece is super comfy

Then a few weeks later, They added new items to the sale so I bought these
Krysyn- Another shoe I'd liked for awhile but would never actually spend $40 on.
Leilani- I really liked these when I first saw them. And they are part of the Signature Sole Collection so they have a pink sole that I love

My last purchase of the month was not part of a buy one get one free sale but I love them!
Richelle- these remind me so much of my favorite pair of shoes. The only real differences are the color and that it is a peep toe. These are also part of the Signature Sole Collection

There are a bunch of other shoes that I am loving this month but have not bought
Eniko- Many people may look at these and find them ridiculous, but I totally LOVE them! Like wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them. They have been sitting in my shopping bag sin July 1st but I have yet to buy them. I know they are extreme, a little too much for church so I dont know where I would wear them to. Part of me just wants them because in my book, these are not just shoes, they are works of art

Jirna- These are the other Signature Soles I was considering. The are just so classic! And I love lace. Beautiful

Danger- These were released mid June. I love the neon trend this summer. I think the perfect way to do this trend is on a shoe. Its bright but not too overwhelming. I love the low heel and pointy toe. I typically steer clear of low heels but I say if you do a low heel you must have a pointy toe with it. I think its a sexy combo.

Fabiola- I don't know what color I like better. I love a good wedge

Carie- Speaking of a good wedge... I love these! The color, the height and the strap details...perfect!

Caresse- I like these but I wouldnt ever buy them. I include them just to show the crazy size of the platform. I like the platform trend. It makes wearing a tall heel easier of your foot but this is ridiculous! way too big!

Jive- Again, I wouldn't actually buy but I think they are funny

Once again I leave you with the link to sign up for shoedazzle. 20% off your first purchase, no pressure to buy, no monthly fees almost every item $39.95 and a new personalized showroom every month
Interested? Sign up here :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Caiden

Finally Baby Pictures!

I flew out to Idaho on June 10th. I had two layovers and with both, I had less then 15 minutes between landing and boarding the next flight. It was crazy stressful but I made it! Luckily I went to the bathroom and grabbed food (Auntie Anne's) before leaving Philly because there was no time to stop.
7am too early for soft pretzels? no way!

Holding baby after I arrived

He is so dang cute

He hates the bath, cries the whole time, but is happy again as soon as he is out and dry.

My clothes totally don't match because he peed on me and this is the shirt that was clean and I didn't feel like changing my pants too. He peed on me three different times during my trip

Mommy went to school to take a test
So Caiden and I hung out on campus

obviously thrilled at the idea of going shopping. We went to Idaho Falls to look for an outfit for his blessing. He fussed a lot so Audra ended up buying a carrier so she could hold him and still shop

I thought that it was funny that she didn't take it off while driving

After shopping we went to Famous Daves, baby's first restaurant. He did so good.

IsIsn't that the CUTEST face you ever saw! I love that little guy!

The Fam

Mommy and Baby

Right before I left

The night before I flew home, I stubbed my toe on the baby swing. It hurt like heck, but I just went to bed. In the morning, it still hurt like crazy and it was starting to swell and bruise. Audra suggested I wrap it up in guaze to help pad it from me bumping it on things. When I took the padding off after ariving home in NJ this is what I found
Moral of the story...beware of baby swings! They are dangerous!

So many have asked...Has this trip made me want to have a baby more/right away? Or has it totally put me off of having a baby? And the answer is...neither. It really just made me feel at peace at where I am at and where I am going.
I got to see and be apart of both the good and bad of having a newborn. I took my turn waking up in the middle of the night with the baby. The whole time I was thinking, I could totally do this for real. But I was at the same time thinking, I am glad that I can sleep at night.

I know that one day, I will be a mom, I just don't know when. And I know that when that time comes, I will be a great mom. But in the mean time, I am happy to enjoy this time alone with my husband. I am glad that I have a chance to get used to and adjust to this marriage and living together before throwing in a baby. And I am glad that I can sleep. I am glad that I have time to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and financially for a baby. But I am still looking forward to having a baby for sure! For the first time I can honestly say that I am happy either way. If I was to find out tomorrow I was pregnant, I'd be thrilled. If we wait another year, I am still really happy :)

Thursday, July 5, 2012


I realize I am beyond behind on my blogging. I have three book club books to review, post my pics from my trip to Audra's and a bunch of other things... But I blog about my life and so being behind right now is fitting because I am behind on everything lately. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and its a day off so I might be able to catch up a little, hopefully