Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facial hair

Friday after helping my mom at grandma's house, we met up with Will and Paul to do a little shopping. On the way home we had this gem of a conversation

Will: How do you grow a beard?
Me: Um, stop shaving
Will: Then I won't be clean shaven
Me: Um, Duh thats the point
Paul: I am going to grow a beard
Will: No you won't. You're asian. Asian's can't grow beards
Paul: Yes they can
Will: No, you will grow crazy long eyebrows but you can't grow a beard
*Mom and I are dying laughing*
me: I have never seen an asian with long eyebrows
Paul: Mr. Miyagi had a beard
Will: yea but he was chinese, you're asian
Paul: Racist

I love my crazy family!

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