Tuesday, July 10, 2012


July has been a great month for shoedazzle! There are sooooo many shoes I want its kind of ridiculous! They have had a buy one get one free sale for a while. There are only certain styles that are part of the sale. I bought these two on the first few days of the sale.
Darling-I had been admiring these for awhile and I couldn't pass them up when they were on sale

Encore Sporty Spice- Not everything is pictured above. It includes a purple razor back tank, a black tank with black lace on the sides, Black yoga pants with a flowery border at the top and a black cardigan with an all black lace back. Great deal!!! And each piece is super comfy

Then a few weeks later, They added new items to the sale so I bought these
Krysyn- Another shoe I'd liked for awhile but would never actually spend $40 on.
Leilani- I really liked these when I first saw them. And they are part of the Signature Sole Collection so they have a pink sole that I love

My last purchase of the month was not part of a buy one get one free sale but I love them!
Richelle- these remind me so much of my favorite pair of shoes. The only real differences are the color and that it is a peep toe. These are also part of the Signature Sole Collection

There are a bunch of other shoes that I am loving this month but have not bought
Eniko- Many people may look at these and find them ridiculous, but I totally LOVE them! Like wake up in the middle of the night thinking about them. They have been sitting in my shopping bag sin July 1st but I have yet to buy them. I know they are extreme, a little too much for church so I dont know where I would wear them to. Part of me just wants them because in my book, these are not just shoes, they are works of art

Jirna- These are the other Signature Soles I was considering. The are just so classic! And I love lace. Beautiful

Danger- These were released mid June. I love the neon trend this summer. I think the perfect way to do this trend is on a shoe. Its bright but not too overwhelming. I love the low heel and pointy toe. I typically steer clear of low heels but I say if you do a low heel you must have a pointy toe with it. I think its a sexy combo.

Fabiola- I don't know what color I like better. I love a good wedge

Carie- Speaking of a good wedge... I love these! The color, the height and the strap details...perfect!

Caresse- I like these but I wouldnt ever buy them. I include them just to show the crazy size of the platform. I like the platform trend. It makes wearing a tall heel easier of your foot but this is ridiculous! way too big!

Jive- Again, I wouldn't actually buy but I think they are funny

Once again I leave you with the link to sign up for shoedazzle. 20% off your first purchase, no pressure to buy, no monthly fees almost every item $39.95 and a new personalized showroom every month
Interested? Sign up here :)

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