Friday, August 3, 2012

Awesome August

Its that time again, new shoedazzle showroom. And yet again, shoedazzle has thrown in some curveballs and made some changes
1. Mixing in some $29.95 prices to go along with the regular $39.95 and the higher prices they added earlier.
2. No longer a free shipping option on all orders. If your order is less than $39.95, you must pay shipping
3. Sales Tax
Not going to lie, I am starting to get irritated with them, but I do love me some shoes at a reasonable price so I dont know what I will wind up doing. Anyway on to the shoes...

I have seen some trends coming this fall that are reflected in these shoes.
1. Menswear

2. Ankle straps (which I love)

3. Cap toes

4. Pointy toes (Again, I love. There is nothing sexier than a pointy toed stiletto)

Dina- I like both colors


Liv- I included a flat! Shocking I know, but I dont wear heels all the time

Party-$29.95 This one is a like a causual version of Liv

Gina- I like this style, but I am not 100% sold on the colors


Carine- one word...Classic

Jennilynn- This shoe intrigues me


Stormi-hehe Crazy but I like it

Leigh- $44.95 I love these! I love that they are flat. I have so many heeled boots. And I love that they are over the knee and casual.

Mikayla- $49.95 This is where I get knittpicky (is that a word?) To make this shoe perfect...1. get rid of the wedge, make it a flat. 2. Make the fringe not so wide. 3. have the top layer of fringe parallel to the top of the boot rather than angled. 4. Give an option for black. 5. Lower the dang price! If my sugestions 1-4 were followed, I might just pay 50 but as is now, no way

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