Monday, August 6, 2012


This is the first year that I have actually really gotten into the Olympics. I watched the opening ceremonies and thought that I probably wouldn't watch anything else (like usual), but one night, there was nothing else on so I turned to the Olympics on NBC. They were showing both swimming races and the women's team gymnasics. I got so into it and have been hooked since. Everytime I am home I have it on. Swimming, diving, beach volleyball, gymnastics, tennis and track and feild are some of my favorites to watch.
It amazes me to think how much time energy and dedication it takes to get to the point they are at. But some of them are legit crazy.I heard on one commentary that one of the women in track chose to not have her nails painted during the Olympics so there would be no extra weight. I mean come on that is ridiculous!!! My favorite part is watching the faces of the moms as they see their child win. I cant even imagine how proud they must feel.

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