Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pop Pop

Today would have been my grandfather's 87th birthday

I have many fond memories of my grandfather. I remember him picking me up from preschool and taking me to see Mom mom (his mother, my great grandmother) in the nursing home. In 6th grade, he took me with him to a WW2 Veterans tour of Europe. We spent a lot of time in Germany where I bought a traditional German hat identical to this
Except that it didnt come with a feather. The feathers that they would sell wwere crazy expensive but I really wanted one. When we came home, he drove me all over Ocean City where he knew birds went a lot just to find a feather with me. Afterwards, we went to CVS to get the candy, DOTS, that was both of our favorites. I remember back in 5th grade when I played clarinet in the elementry school's band, one of our concerts was on the same night as my brother's concert for the High School Choir. My parents and grandmother both went to see my brother. Looking back, I certainly don't blame them. I would much rather listen to people singing nicely then hearing a bunch of 10/11 year olds who have only had an instrument for a few months try to play all together. But at the time, I was really upset that no one was going to see me. But Pop Pop went.
He was truely the best grandfather a girl could ask for. Happy Birthday Pop Pop! You are truely missed!

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