Thursday, August 30, 2012

Round 41 and a diagnosis

Its been forever since I did a blog post. Sorry

1. I turn the channel when ever a commerical for the stupid Hunny Boo Boo show comes on
2. I sleep with three pillows
3. I have not gone to the beach or boardwalk at all this summer
4. We will celebrate our one year anniversary in less then two weeks, but I have yet to change my name
5. I am craving a corn dog right now

Good news, My grandmother has finally been diagnosed! It took forever but doctors finaaly figured out exactly what the problem is. She has been diagnosed with Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR). The onset can be sudden. It effects the muscles and joints making them stiff and difficult to move. It also causes fatigue, stiffness and pain, making it difficult to function. It can also cause mental decline. This explains A LOT!!! Why, out of no where, she can't walk or move and would scream if you touched her and why she was so confused all the time. Her doctor started her on medication a few weeks ago. And she has improved so much in those past few weeks. I noticed a change but didn't know that it was because of the meds. She will be starting physical therapy again. And because there is a diagnosis, her insurance will take up the $12,000 a month tab! And if she continues to improve, it is possible that she might be able to move to the assisited living apartments at The Shores! So lots of good news!

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