Sunday, September 2, 2012


Disclaimer: 1-this post may be TMI for some people. 2- I am not pregnant

Ok so I have been having a lot of physical issues lately. I honestly dont know what the deal is. It started a few weeks ago when I was working an overnight at work. About 15 minutes before leaving, my stomach starting hurting pretty bad. I was due for my period soon and thought that I was just getting cramps early. I got home around 8am and went straight to bed. But at 9 I woke up with super intense pains. Then the vomiting and diarrea started. I started to think it was food poisoning but the only thing I had eaten was chicken from Sonic before work and it had been 12 hours. The vommiting lasted all day, so food poisoning is out. I thought it was a 24 hour bug thing because the next day I was perfectly fine again. Since then, I have had more issues. My period did come and it was ridiculously heavy, like nothing I have ever experienced.
The next week, the vomitting came back. As well as gas pains and severe stomach pains. The one day was sooooo bad. It woke me up around 3am and I was scheduled to open the store. I hate calling out so I showed up but there was no way I would make it through the day. I wasn't sure if I could even drive home. The next manager was coming in at 9 so I stayed in the office and did some work on the computer until she came in and then I left. But again, the next day I was fine. It was so frustrating.
I also was/am experiencing food aversion. I will be crazy hungry, make food, eat two bites and not be able to eat another thing. My sence of smell has heightened too. Smells that never bothered me bofore make me feel sick to my stomach. I started my period again too, just a week and a half after finishing my regular period.
The night my period started again, I kinda made a mess of the bedspread (I warned you there would be TMI). So at 2am, Pat and I are both up and I am pouring on hydrogen peroxide to prevent a huge red stain on my beautiful white duvet (that stuff is magical), When we finally got to bed, the pain started again, worse then ever. It wasn't my stomach, it was lower in my pelvis and on both sides. Then out of no where came a parralizing pain in the center of my uterus area. I really couldnt move it hurt so bad. These pains have come in the past but never lasted that long. I felt bad because I knew I was freaking Pat out and he had to be up early the next morning for work. He started to look up online the symptoms. He is convinced that I have either bladder spasms or an eptopic pregnancy.
He convinced me to get a doctor's appointment. I called my gyno and of course they had nothing available until the 13th. I took that appointment and called my regular doctor. He usually fits me in the very next day but he didn't have anything until this coming wednesday. I am really hoping someone can tell me what the heck is going on and help me fix it. Its annoying because I can never predict the symptoms. I will be perfectly fine then bam, vomiting, then a few hours later I am fine again. And seriously bleeding 3 of the 4 weeks in a month is not cool! ugh
In the mean time, I am trying to take it easy and not stressing the little stuff. I figure stress may be the root of this problem. I am also trying to cut down my soda intake and trying to force myself to stop and eat regular meals. Starving myself isn't helping anything. I'll let you know what the doctors say...hopefully its nothing and an easy fix

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