Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Stick a fork in it

Not this past summer but the summer before, I happened to be strolling around Pier One. I saw these giant utensils, like 4 feet tall forks, spoons, knives and spatula. I totally loved them. The only problem was that they cost $70. I would go in every few weeks to see if they went on sale to no avail. After our wedding, we recieved a $50 gift card to Pier One and the fork was on sale! for $50! Perfect!!! Since then, my giant fork has sat in our spare room bcause I didn't really know what to do with it. Last week I finally hung it up on the wall. It was meant to hang vertically but I did it horizontal
I still totally loved it but it felt like something was missing. I hit up Pinterest and found a link to these free printables from overthemoon.blogspot.com
When I tried to print them at home on cardstock, the colors weren't coming out quite right, so I sent them over to CVS to print on photo paper. With my coupons, it ended up being free! After spray painting some old/cheap black frames silver (spray painting isn't my strong point), they were ready!
I seriously love the way everything came out!

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