Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Superb September

Here are my shoedazzle picks for September

Boots and Booties
Ashtyn- I think that they had these last year, they look very familiar to me but they added some colors I think

Fanesia-I really like these rider boots

Lourdes- They definitly had these last year. I liked them a lot then, but this year they raised the price on them. Bummer!

Irene- I like these flat over-the-knee boots. They would be great with leggings

Callia- I love these!!! So So So much!!!

Parisa- I like these but I dont think I would ever actually get them

Domino- Sorry but these may just be the ugliest pair of shoes I have ever seen. I just had to add them

Aerin- I dont have any green shoes

Brendy- This shoe has a little bit of everything, Black and pink, metal heel, bow and spikes. Suger and Spice

Erin-Not a shoe that I would wear, but it is very sexy secretary.

Graziella- If I am going to buy a pair this month, this would be it! I love the lacy corset back and pink sole

Hanne- Fancier cap toe

Kanda-Super cute!

Jessica- Definitly a formal shoe

Decadent- $29.95

Linette- $29.95

Royan-I love me some fringe. I have this bag in purple and I love it. Now they have black, red and yellow


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