Monday, October 1, 2012

50 shades of...

Nail polish! I knew I was a shoe hoarder, but I never realized how much nail polish I own! Its kind of ridiculous. I noticed my obsession while trying to pick out colors to bring to the nursing home. I have been painting my grandmother's nails for her every so often. I tend to play it safe/natural with my makeup but your nails are great to play with and have fun with colors. But it can get expensive! CVS has a great brand Spoiled. They have tons of colors! The bottle size is rather big for nail polish. The brush is super wide, which makes painting quick and easy. The names are hilarious. It lasts long. And best of all...its only $1.99!!! But there are so many new fun different types of polish that i just had to try. But because the are expensive, I try to hold off until they are on sale and I have a coupon so I don't feel too guilty.
Sally Hansen Nail Effects They are quick and easy. No drying time. Its like a sticker you put on your nail and it lasts as long as regular nail polish if not a little longer. But its expensive! About $10.50 and there are only enough strips to do both hands once. I put one strip on one finger on each hand and paint the other fingers a coinciding color. This stretches it out into five uses rather then just once.
Sally Hansen Crackle Coat This is a cool effect. You paint your nails one color. Once they dry, paint over with crackle. As it dries, it cracks and the base color shows though. I did red white and blue nails with the white crackle
Sally Hansen Magnetic This really worked! Its really cool. The pattern the magnet makes is just like the waves on the top. It sort of gives it a 3d effect. There aren't many colors to pick from and they all are rather dark.
Wet N Wild Fantasy Makers- Glow in the dark THis was my latest purchase. It was only $1.99. It goes on clear and really does glow in the dark but needs a few coats. Cool and Fun for Halloween! For two bucks, why not! What beauty product do you have a ton of?!

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