Wednesday, October 3, 2012


My brother Will has started his first year of college at Snow College in the middle of no where Ephriam UT. My mom was telling me about a few phone calls she had with him and let me know he is feeling a little homesick, naturally. I remembered a pin I pinned on Pinterest a while ago. Send a box filled with balloons with money inside.
I thought that idea might be perfect to cheer him up. I told my mom about it and she was all in. I brought home a big box from work and got balloons from the dollar store. Mom got the money, roughly $30 in small bills. Mom, dad, Paul and I wrote a bunch of funny little notes to put in each balloon with a bill.
It was a lot of fun to do
We weren't totally how sure the balloons would hold up going to Utah. If they were put on a plane, would the change in air pressure deflate them? Would they deflate regardless because they were blown up at sea level and Utah is way above sea level? Would they all pop? Should we tell the Post office its full of balloons incase they pop? I mean explosions in boxes is frowned upon. We decided to put a note in the box to let Will know that the balloons were full when it was shipped incase when he opened it and found 30 deflated/popped balloons and was like "what the heck?"
Mom took it to the Post Office. I thought that because it was basically just air, that it would be cheap to ship. Wrong! Because it was over sized it cost $27! Lame!! oh well, brightening my little brothers day was worth it! He got it on Monday and loved it. He said that some balloons were fuller then others. And he liked the notes more then the money.
I love you Will!!

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