Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tips to wearing High Heels

People ask me all the time, "How do you wear those?" refering to my high heels. So here are some of my tips to making high heels comfortable, because it is possible!

1. Inserts!!!!
I love me some inserts! They just add some extra padding to the shoe. Now I dont even wait to wear the shoe out to see how it feels before adding a comfy insert. I just try it on to see how it fits and then in goes the insert! I like these from Dr Scholls.

They are great because they are thin enough to fit in a shoe without crowding your foot but still adds comfort. They come in a pack of three which is awesome and have fun patterns. They adhere really well too so play around with the placement and trying the shoe on before taking the backing off the sticky part.
Right now they are on sale at CVS for $9.99 until October 27th. And in last sunday's paper there was a coupon for $3 off. Didn't clip it? Thats fine. Here is a link to the Dr Scholl's website where you can print a $2 off coupon!

Cvs also carries their own brand version of these which are just as great and a couple bucks cheaper. I have bought, used and loved both brands

2. Friction Block
I hate when shoes rub against you and cause blisters. I have even had some shoes rub off a chunk of skin. Yuck! I have tried putting on bandaids to try to protect my ankles, but they wouldn't stick right and bunch up. And it just wasn't very good looking even when they stayed where they were supposed to. Then I saw this and it changed my life!
Seriously this stuff is Awesome!!!!! It is like $8-9 but lasts forever! I have had mine for over a year and use it all the time. I did have to buy a new one, not because I ran out but because stupid me left it in my car mid summer and melted it.
I love it. It is so easy use. It looks like and goes on like a mini deodorant. Just rub it around the problem areas. It stays on for awhile, but I like to reapply every few hours. I don't like to wait and let it get to the point where I feel like i NEED to reapply. This stuff smells good too.

Dr. Scholls has a similar product but I have never tried it

3. Make sure your shoes fit
If your shoes are too big or too small, they will not be comfortable. I am a size 10 and shoedazzle doesn't make a size 10.5. So if a shoe is too big, I can go to a 9.5 but if its too small, I am sort of stuck because I know an 11 is too big. I have always sent my shoes back if they don't fit but in each one of those cases there was always something else I wasnt loving about the shoe. If there was a shoe that I totally in love with and it was just a little too tight I would try "The Ice Trick" I have never tried it but I have heard great things about it. Here is a link to a how-to.

4. Bring a pair of comfy shoes with you
I almost always bring a pair of flats or uggs with me when I wear high heels. Actually I wear my comfy shoes until I get to the place I will wear my heels and then switch and leave the other shoes in the car. I just dont like driving in heels and its nice to have a back up pair incase may feet are really killing me.

5. Start small, low and wide
The wider the base, the easier it will be to walk. So start with wedges or a chunky heel. And start with a low heel. The lower the pitch, the slope, the more comfortable you will be. And shoes with platforms are great because it lowers the pitch, but still gives you height if thats what you want.

6. Break them in
Take the time to break in a new pair of heels before wearing them out. To do this, I wear my shoes with a pair of socks around the house doing my regular everyday chores

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