Saturday, November 3, 2012

End of shoedazzle

Believe it or not, but I might be done with shoedazzle. They have just made so many changes and have gone so far from the original buisness model that I loved. The quality has become shotty. It takes a week for anything to be shipped and then another week and a half after its shipped to recieve it. And now you have to pay for shipping if you buy an item less then $39.95 or anything on sale, regardless of price. They have changed the price of most products to over 39.95. They have now added "designer labels" and charge $100-$200!

When I was scrolling through and saw the $130 price tag on these heels I thought it was a typo...nope. And the "designer labels" are designers like Chinese Laundry. And its not like shoedazzle gives a discount on them.

These here, shoedazzle is selling for $129.00. On the Chinese Laundry website, the are $129.95.

It now takes 45 days for your points to post rather than 30. They dont send a return label with the shoes anymore. You have to go to the website to request a return. And they have added all these "sales" Like 20% off any regularly priced item. But then they add shipping! Take a regular shoe priced at $39.95. 20% off would make it $31.96, slap on the $4.95 shipping fee and its $36.91. So that 20% off isn't really 20% off, its $3.04 off. What kind of sale is that?!

You used to get all new shoes to pick from each month. Now they add just a few new shoes. The other they add look exactly like the old shoes just in different colors.

I am still waiting on my last credit to post, then I think I am done for the most part. I have been a member for two years and have gotten tons of great shoes, but everything must come to an end. I'll still check it out every once in a while. I know the old founder and CEO has come back to the company so maybe it will improve or just go back to normal, but I am not holding my breath.

Maybe I should just save up all the money I would normally spend a shoedazzle, and get myself a pair Christian Louboutin's

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