Friday, November 30, 2012

Kellogs Tour

A few weeks ago, I went on a daddy daughter date to the Kellogs Tour of Gymnastic Champians in Philly to see the Fierce Five (the women's olympic gymnastics team). I really loved watching them in the Olympics and when I heard they were touring the country I wanted to go so bad. I couldn't think of anyone who would want to go with me, so I asked my parents. Mom happened to be in Dallas the week they were here but Dad said he would go with me. I don't think he was exactly thrilled at the idea of watching gymnastics but because he is a great dad, he went with no complaints :)

We stopped at an Applebees on the way for dinner then we were off to Philly. There were all these signs saying Gymnastics-Park here. So we did. Parking was $20. For the next half hour all Dad said was, "$20?! I can't believe that. $20 for parking?!" And the sad/funny part was that it wasn't the parking lot for the Wells Fargo Center. It was like two Parking lots away. We walked a solid 20 minutes in the cold! And everyone else was parking in the right parking lot right next to the building! We tried asking one of the employees how much that parking lot was but I dont think she understood us. Hopefully it was more than $20!

It was totally PACKED!! I was surprised how many people were there. And there were a ton of little girls and the only males there were Dads. The show was different than I expected. It was more like a show. There was a lot of dance and scrobatics. It reminded me of Circ De Soleil. I took some pics on my phone, sorry they kinda stink, Here is the link to the show's website so you can see good pictures.

I took videos of Aly Raisman and Gabby Douglas doing their floor routines, but blogger wontlet me upload them. They are sideways anyway, so it might just be for the best. Jordyn Weiber did her floor routine as well. It was so cool to see them do the same routines that they did in the olympics, in person! Kyla Ross was not there (she is still in High School) and McKayla Maroney couldn't perform because of an injury but she was there.

It was a fun night! Its truely amazing how much skill and dedication they have.

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