Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolutions 2013

I love New Years. Its nice to look back on the year, reflect on good and bad and start with a clean slate. I know that most people, myself included, set and fail to follow through with New Years Resolutions. I did set some goals for myself back in September that I have been doing really well at so hey maybe I will actually do these too
I've read that there are 7 asspects of wellness, so I am trying to set a goal for each

1. Occupational (I am taking this as financial)- Set and stick to a budget. Have a solid amount of savings- see this post

2. Physical- Take better care of my skin. (explanation post to come)

3. Emotional- Give myself "quiet time" to think/reflect with out distractions. I dont have any kids so know it the time to enjoy the peace and quiet instead off always having the TV on, or music or a book on cd playing.

4. Spiritual- Magnify my calling. Plan my lessons for Young womens early. Go to as many activities as my work schedule allows.

5. Social- Host dinner parties. Hopefully one every other month

6. Intellectual- Actually read each of the books from book club!

7. Environmental (This is supposed to be like water food/safety but I have that)- Make up a cleaning chart/schedule and stick to it. And clean out/organize the junk room

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