Friday, January 18, 2013

YW Notebooks

"I thought it would be a good idea to give the girls a notebook to go along with the new youth curriculum, a place to write their thoughts on the lessons, glue in handouts and write their testimonies. Then I saw this link to an idea on sugardoodle and ran with it.

I found the chalkboard printable with this years theme here and used it as the cover.

Because my printable was black and white, I wanted to stay with that theme. At AC Moore, I found scrapbook paper in these elegant black and white patterns cheap.

Then in the ribbon department, I looked for all sorts of black and white patterns. I had Pat with me so I had to be quick. I got zebra, damask, checkered diamonds, glittery, polka dots ect.

I used spiral notebooks because they would be the most stable. After tying ribbons along the spirals and gluing on the background, I started thinking that I really needed some color!

A trip to Michael's got me cardstock in all sorts of colors and colorful ribbon to match. For the colored ribbon, I just wanted something simple and solid, the black and white patterns were busy enough. I mounted the theme printable on the cardstock and added it to the cover. I then cut out a cardstock square to be a backing for the nametag.

I printed out all the names but wanted the girls to pick their own notebook so I just brought their names and let them glue it on the notebook they picked. I made one for each of the leaders as well.

Inside the notebooks, I made a Table of Contents on the first two pages (front and back to equal four pages). There is a column for the page number, the date and the lesson or topic. This way when they are later asked to give a talk or want to look something up, its easy to go to a specific topic.

The site with the original idea suggested to number all the pages of the notebook. I started to, but that was a lot (especially after tying all those ribbons!), so I stopped at page 50. After three notebooks done and twelve more to go, I decided that 50 pages was still a lot to number! So I went to page 20 on each notebook and figured the girls can number the rest!

I seriously LOVE the way they turned out! And it went over great with the girls (of course I have only seen the leaders use them but its only been two weeks)."

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