Friday, March 8, 2013


Yesterday, my mom called and asked me if I would be home today. She said that she just got my birthday present in the mail and she was too excited to wait and wanted to swing by and drop it off the next day around 11:30 or noon (My bday is in april). I said sure and thought it was kind of funny but didn't think much of it.
This morning she called and was just chatting. She told me about Paul not having school yesterday because the storm had knocked out the power but everything was fixed. He wasnt too thrilled about going back and was complaining about a stomache ache. Paul is known to be a little bit of a drama king/ overreactor, so mom sent him off to school. Then she asked if we were still on for today.
I go about my day and get a call a little after 11:30 from mom. She said the school had just called her and Paul had thrown up and she needed to go get him, but she still really wanted to swing by and drop off my gift. I felt bad that she felt she had do drive around leaving her sick son alone to give me stuff when I am doing nothing. So I offered to swing by the store and get ginger ale and drop it off and pick up my present then. She told me she would call after she picked up Paul and let me know.
At 1:30 she calls and tells me Paul is settled and asked if I was still home. When I said I was, she said that she was leaving now.
I was on my computer and saw a truck pull in to the lot. There is an office under us that gets UPS and FedEx deliveries daily so I assumed it was them. But then I saw a random guy walk up the steps to my door.
Confused, I open the door and he asked "Is this apartment E?"
"Um, Yes"
"Are you expecting a recliner?"
Wait, what?
"I guess so, my mom did say she was bringing me a birthday present"
"Oh its your birthday? happy birthday!"
They bring in the matching recliner that I had raved about to my mom after Pat and I picked out our couch. I loved it because it is oversized, super comfy and reclines really far back. You could easily sleep in it. And the best part is that it is a rocker too! I wanted it because it would be perfect to rock a baby in the middle of the night. But never in a million years did I expect her to get it for me. I was in complete shock!!!!And I just couldnt stop smiling! Mom showed up just after the guys left. She TOTALLY got me! Everything about Paul being ill was a lie to cover the three hour delivery timeline. And I totally belived her! I am not someone who is easily surprised but I never ever expected this! It crazy how spoiled I am! A new couch for christmas was over-the-top AMAZING and the recliner for my Bday! Life is GOOD!!!!
PS If anyone is a size 10 and like the shoes pictured here, let me know!
I like them but they just aren't "me"  but they were a final sales item so I cant return them
She said that when they were picking it out, they started to look at dining sets. She said That should be next because that is the last major furniture item in the area of the house that she sees. That is the next thing on my list too and I am saving up for it. 

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