Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Place

When Pat and I moved into our three bedroom apartment, my plan was a room for us, a guest room and a room for Pat's gaming. But Pat decided he would rather take over the living room so I had an extra room. I thought "Hey, if he doesn't want a man-cave, I'll make that room mine" but I couldn't quite make it work. I took the little room and put in all my hair/make up and giant mirror I use to get ready. It turned into more of a junk room. Then the bigger room became the guest room. The problem was that we have more junk then what fit in the little room and the guest room was basically empty except for a twin bed. So I switched the two rooms.
A few months later, we had a roommate move into our guest room. The junk room/my room turned into an even junkier room. So when our roommate finally left I decided to take over that little room once again and really make it MINE! I am soooo excited at how it has turned out.
I have been able to do things during this make over that I had been wanting to do for so long.

I updated my childhood dresser
You can see why it needed an update
I painted it a grey color that has a hint of blue
The wooden knobs were replaced by plain nickel knobs on clearance from Target
$8 for a pack of 10

I updated a desk I got from my grandmother's upstairs apartment.
 Part of being a newlywed is taking what you can get as far as furniture is concerned. Basically everything we have has been borrowed. I knew I could keep this so I wanted to make it my own.


Handles removed and drawers sanded
The desk was painted the same color as the desk
I wanted to replace the handles with simple silver pulls but because the desk is so old, I couldn't find pulls that were the right distance to match the holes! After looking in 5 different stores, I gave up.
 Filling in the old holes and drilling new ones seemed like a lot of work, so I ended up using the old pulls. But after painting the desk, the rusty metal look wasn't going to work. Luckily I had some metallic spray paint from a different project.
Even though it wasn't what I originally planned, I love the outcome.

This desk has become my vanity. I have always done my hair and makeup while sitting on the floor, so having a vanity is exciting. I love how organized it is! Separate drawers for everything, face, eye, lip, nails, hair accessories, hair appliances and products.
The mirror I had been using is ridiculously big and too heavy to hang. I got the one in above photo for $30 at Marshalls. The frame was black, so I painted it grey to match everything. but the more I look at it, the more I want to change it to silver. There is too much of the same paint color.
The lamp was $20 from Marshalls
Moroccan Accent Rug was $30 from Target
Jewelry tree $20 Target
Vase for make up brushes $2 Ikea
I want to get a plain comfy white chair to replace the chair I have in there now


Curtain $30 JC Penney
 (I want to get a sheer white panel for underneath now that I tied it up)
Curtain rod $14 Target
(There was some strange plastic thing before that had no purpose)

The wing back chair is a loaner that I have a love/hate relationship with.
After mom bought us the recliner, I had no where to put this chair and I thought it would be nice in here. I love the shape but I am not a fan of the fabric at all. I have seen tutorials on reupholstering a wing back chair as well as a tutorial to pain the fabric, but this is a loaner. It belongs to a friend of my mother-in-law. That same friend lent us a couch (both had been in storage for years). When we replaced the couch, she didn't want it back. I am not sure if same goes for the chair, so I don't want to do anything drastic. I am going to but my sewing skill to the test and attempt to make a slip cover...
And last but not least....my favorite part of this room that has made this truly My Happy Place!
I have seriously wanted to do this forever!

I got these bookshelves from Ikea for $60 each

Of course not all of my shoes fit so I just put up my favorites

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