Monday, April 8, 2013

The Good, The Bad and The Guilty

It was murder mystery time again at my place Friday night. Last time I hosted, I didn't play. I was glad that I didn't have a part so that I could cheat and see who the murderer in advance and help everyone along. But this time I wanted to play, so I bought a new kit, this time with a western theme...How to Host a Murder- The Good, The Bad and The Guilty. I read the reviews and it sounded fun.
Last time, I left Pat and I out so that if a couple cancelled, we could fill in, which was good because one of the boys couldn't make it so Pat played. But like I said before, I wanted to play so I had no back ups. So naturally, something came up and my parents weren't able to come leaving me a couple short. I didn't want to insult anyone by inviting them last minute as a back up guest. So I sent a message to the girls that came to the last one asking if any of them would be willing to fill in. I figured since they had been guests already, they wouldn't be upset to not have been originally invited to this one. And lucky for me, the Swans were more than happy to fill in.
I was really happy with the way the table looked
 I hit up Fro Me a Party and got a plastic brown tablecloth (the table was borrowed from church and I don't have table cloths that long). I found the super cute napkins half price! and plastic cowboy hats and spurs. I cut up brown paper bags from the grocery store to be my place mats. I used pie pans for the salad plate and red paper plates for the main meal. The toy guns and cowboys and Indians were from the local dollar store.
I didn't do a murder scene this time but I did decorate the door :)
Appetizers: BBQ meatballs made by the Swans
Salad (basic bagged salad, nothing exciting)
Dinner: Ham (I got one free from shoprite for Easter)
Baked Potatoes
Hobo Beans
Homemade Potato Bread
Dessert: Cake (with pudding layer) from the Kirks
Last time, I had dinner ready by the time the guests arrived and it was soooo cold by the time we got to eat. This time, I picked out things that took along time to cook and was low maintenance. I timed it all to be done an hour after the guests arrived. But it was still cold by the time we got to eat. It was warmer so I am getting there. I did buy one other kit, a Vegas wedding themed one. Hopefully I will get it all right by then!
My character was a saloon girl and I went all out on my costume. Some of the other costumes were entertaining! I wished I got a picture!
It was a really fun night!!

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