Monday, June 24, 2013

April, May and June catch up

I have been a bit of a slacker on this blog lately, sorry.
Lets catch up

Birthdays and Anniversary

I turned 23 (seriously starting to feel like an adult, scary)
Pat had a birthday too, 28 years old
Pat and I celebrated 5 years together. I honestly can't remember what we did to celebrate
Pat had several friends from high school visit. About one friend a week. It wasn't really planned that way, it just worked out. One of the visits was a complete surprise. It was really nice to meet his friends and hear all the reminiscing. I really hope our kids take after me when they are teens or we will be in BIG trouble

Spring Fling
I was in charge of the Spring Fling at church. It was really fun and quite a bit stressful! I learned to accept help and it was a great party! We had a carnival theme. Some of the games were bean bag toss, hula hoops, build a tower, pick a duck and eating a donut on a string. We also had a "photo booth" with fun props provided by a sister in the ward and a jar full of jelly beans to guess how many jelly beans there were for a top prize. Someone guessed it right on the nose too!
I went a little nuts with the prizes! I got lots of mini pillow pets for $3 each along with big playground ball cheap at CVS. My mom made fudge and I got TONS of little prizes and candy from the dollar store and Walmart. I kept thinking, "we aren't going to have enough" and in the end we were just giving them all away!

Audra, Trevor and Caiden came to NJ to visit. After a week, Trevor had to go back to Dallas for work but Caiden and Audra stayed for another week. It was great to be able to spend time with the family. During their visit, we went to Smithville. Caiden went on his first ride, he wasn't amused
Towards the end of May, I flew out to Dallas for a long weekend and stayed with Audra. We went to a Taylor Swift concert at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium. It was sold out (55,000 people). It was a great show

Caiden turned one in May so he had his one year pictures taken while I was there. He was a grump but we got some good ones

We also went to the Dallas Aquarium. It was super crowded so we didn't stay long. To be totally honest, I wasn't impressed. It was small, not a lot of space to walk (especially with a crowd) and not a lot of animals. Camden Aquarium has it beat! But I still liked it, until I got sick. I swear I had some vertigo. After getting out of the elevator I got SO dizzy! It lasted on and off for a few days.
Right before my flight home, I went with Audra and Trevor to Audra's ultrasound to find out what the sex of the baby...its a girl :)
Paul graduated 8th grade last week. Its crazy to think he is old enough to go to high school!
Chris graduated from hair school in Utah
Well that's about it!